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"The sword of the guild is just, we must protect the people from fear."
— Yumiko Yamamoto during battle

Yumiko Yamamoto
Normal Form | Dark Form

The Twilight Knight
Name Yumiko Yamamoto
Kanji 山本由美子
Alias Nicknames
  • "Twilight Knight"
  • "Knight-Queen"
  • "Maid of the Stars"
  • "The Demon Maid"
  • "Yuko-sama"
Race Human
Age 17 (Appearence)
Gender Female
Height 6'2
Weight 119 pounds
Eye Color Green (Normal), Yellow (Dark Form)
Hair Color Blond Colored Hair
Blood Type A
Professional Status
Affiliation Star Breaker Guild Logo Star Breaker Guild
Hunter Karyuudo
Previous Affiliation Fiore Army Symbol Fiore Royal Military
Sentinel logoThe Sentinels
Occupation Mage-Knight, Maid and Artist
Previous Occupation Chief Sergeant
Team Hunter Karyuudo "Main Group"
Partner None
Base of Operations The Starbreaker Grand Hall
Personal Status
Status Active
Marital Status Single
Relatives Hiroki Yamamoto (Older Brother)

Kagura Yamamoto (Twin Sister) Cressida Barrett (Genetic Copy)

Magic Magic Skills
Weapons Mana Blade, Clarentna along with many other forms of weapons including axes swords and other weapons.

Yumiko Yamamoto is a knight-style independent mage traveling throughout the world, as for her true identity, is unknown, however, she serves Star Breaker Guild as both a mage and a maid. She was a also a former member of the elite group known as The Sentinels. She is a part of Karyuudo acting as a heroic figure through her victories in battle to have a powerful light after defeating thousands of images, huge wyverns, corrupted knights, magical beasts and many demons from the past reborn anew.

She was formerly a member of the Fiore Royal Army as well trained by members of the Rune Knights after pleading to her to learn the arts of the "The Knight" Requip through series of trials to booster her power in progress due to her gifted skills in the Re-Equip Magic.

Before siding with the Empire of Mana following her discovery of the corruption within the Fiore Army for taking bribes to let loose Dark Wizards onto the streets.


Tumblr mn0gldEz9y1s6ebi8o1 500

Yumiko wearing her Off-Duty Outfit

She seem very pretty appearance of a young woman in her late teens with a slender physique and soft, white skin. She normally wears shining armor with an old style dress, made from old-fashioned blue silk dress, underneath which she uses during traveling. She is shown to wear a black suit or a maid dress for her employment of being a maid during her job.

When she started to gain a dark version of herself from holding The Black Soul Gem for so long, for the longest time, she appeared in a black and white dress with her eyes glowing bright yellow when in battle she also has a dark blue and black suit of armor which most times she battles without the helmet on her face. She still retains the maid dress like her other look, however, she seems to give a much colder look.


1359982483 6 3 zps49c5944e

Dark Yumiko as a maid

Yumiko is a strong-willed young woman that always speaks resolutely. She is courageous, determined, and set on making the guild stronger. Yumiko insists that she is a warrior first and that her gender is of little importance to her. Her stubborn personality is evident when she frequently explains how much the world is better off without such dark powers of the Black Arts or other forbidden magics.

She has a cold-blooded and ruthless side when it comes to achieving his goals if there was a chance to save lives of millions by sacrificing a few lives she will do what she must then later have tears roll down her face when it is completed.

As the maid, she appears to be most times willing to help out people at the same time Yumiko has shown a rough side of her but her rare battles unless the Emperor wills it or her honor wants her to do so, however, she is able to destroy her enemy in the name of the name of her ruler.

Under the Influence of corruption of the Black Soul Gem, she gained a split personality change vastly upon being corrupted but she cannot be called a villain, She is more of a dark hero who is still an idealist clinging to her own values even after being blackened. Over time, the split personality is able to come out randomly even without the stone or merely release command from her after she accepting her other half.

The black orb her personally takes a much more cruel almost dark and dark personally she appears to still care for her guild but anyone aside from them she would kill without hesitation or remorse, She still agrees to any challenge left before her unless she can't bring herself to do so. With that said she is mainly focused on working for the peace in the world and has shown to have a bit of a crush on a guy after he appeared from the being sealed away from so long, which soon after he was married, it disappeared.



The Broken Moon Part 1 First appearance


During her Time as Major Yamamoto before her Defection

Born alongside her older brother and younger sister, Kagura and Hiroki. She is the second oldest of the 3 children, she was born in Flore in the port town of Hargeon. She grew up with them along that city until a fateful fire started was triggered suddenly out of thin air burned the nearby area, the house caught on fire as the entire household burned down including with their mother and fathers, however, the children were out playing in the yard when it happens.

Afterward, those events she later joined and later served for multiple years Yumiko was a proud more solid warriors of the Fiore Military for many years after serving multiple years in the field. However she begins to question the loyalty after being ordered along with the army to completely destroyed a farming city of people that some officers believed had a cult of Zeref members though he couldn't prove it willingly signed innocent people to their death after this event, she felt like she could no longer be apart of it. That changed when the guild was first brought in, she did serve with the Fiore Royal Military during the mission that ended the chairman's life as still the Major. After the events, she quit to join Star Breaker Guild and the Empire of Mana ranks and be a member of the imperial forces, which she was then reunited with her family again.

Shatter-Moon Saga

Tumblr mxgwefeHfT1shop2do1 500 zpsfd76aac7

Dark and Light Yumiko in Maid Outfits

Well, apart of the guild she serves as both a member as well as a maid with her during the rumors of them uncovering a black crystal orb. Well following Yusuke during his troublesome time she then had an exchange of words before she informed by a figure called "Kageki" in the throne rooms which during the mission found a black stone, which she put in her pocket thinking it was a good luck charm.

During her time in the guild she was training with a fellow sword-mage named Saruwatari Shinichi, they both battled in the past time and again no matter how many times never once needed to unleash her legendary blade, "Clarenta", due to the fact she wished not to kill a comrade, however this shows there swordplay was at pair with each other. After he disappeared she begins to feel a hint of darkness in taint in her holy quest to destroy dark magic, as was overtaken by the power of the black orb which leads her to be a darker version of herself.

She still remains loyal to the group however she is much more hurtful and likely to wound an enemy to get info or just downright bossy, which this is an effect from the influence of the black orb known only as "Moon-bane" which Masahiro keeps hidden from both his brother and the demon lord Baal's human avatar.

It was later Explained by Fuyu to Yusuke Kenpachi, she is currently apart along with Yusuke's brother Yamashita Kenpachi that there apart of a group known as Karyuudo aka Hunter, as well Yumiko stopped him from telling Yusuke anymore about the group by using her fist on his face whenever he talks about it.

Two Kingdoms Saga

She will be in the Two Kingdoms Saga.

Magic and Abilities



Light & Dark Yumiko in her mind switching places

The Queens Throne: (クイーンズ玉座, Kuīnzu Gyokuza) - This is a form of advanced caster magic. This type of sealing magic which uses both light and dark magical energy to remove the seals that are placed on her mind during combat to embrace either the Path of the Paladin or the Dreadknight. When used Yumiko can draw both from both her dark side and her normal magical power or use it to summon her dark-side using her magic to bring her to life. Well in the mortal world, the dark energy forms into a solid body inside her Tyrant armor, to join her during battle, it also appears that her dark half otherwise known as "Dark Yumiko" is a much more powerful version than normal half, however at a terrible cost for her humanity in terms of her mind.

She can also discard all darkness within her body to focus her purity into being a Light-based wielder as such she becomes the true Paladin Mode Yumiko. This state gives her a boosted supply of magical energy to draw upon as well as focusing her raw emotions into her blade to strengthening the blows to strike down any demonic enemy however it is ill-suited facing enemies with a resistance to light-based attacks.

  • Dark Queen Release: (ダーク女王リリース, Dāku joō rirīsu) - Using a require summoning forth, the Dark Tyrant armor by channel the darkness while using Requip. As soon as activates her eyes glow bright yellow as well as her hair turns a more faded colored when using her inner darkness. This augments her strength, speed, and durability when activated.
  • Nightmare Blade: Twilight End (ナイトメアブレード:トワイライト終了, Naitomeaburēdo: Towairaito shūryō) This attack is used when Yumiko uses her dark energy and her normal energy into a much more powerful version of the Shining Blade, summons a giant blast fusing dark red and black energy with a golden trim into a single blast wave. The impact of darkness and light energy fused together is enough that it defeated an S-Class Wizard of Nightmare Wing in a single blow.
Air Mage

Yumiko Using Sword & Wind Magic

Sword Magic (剣の魔法 Ken no Mahō) is a Holder Type Magic involving the use of swords, when used by her she carries two magical swords, as well as she, can also use her magic to summon multiple magical dagger blades to be summoned outwards to blast towards a target. She also is known to use her magical force to combo her sword magic powers to channel them into both light or darkness based attacks in combat.

  • Sword Magic: Broken Seal Unleashed - This spell removes the seal on her Mana blade to become the Legendary "Clarence" which with this blade her magical energy will be trailed with bright yellow and light magic which was powered by the faith of the kings come to the past in the realm. It augmented by light magic energy when unlocked. When released also the amount of magical pressure pushing outwards sending a shockwave that knocks everyone away from it, friend or enemy alike.
Tumblr n68ugd94n21t4wuoro1 400

Dark Yumiko using Blade Storm

  • Sword Magic: Blade Storm - When Yumiko then points her finger activate the magical seal along her sword it glowed bright red before it generates a blueish white stream of slashes from the tip of the blade. she can generate a group of the magic-enhanced blade in her hand giving her a much more powerful impact as well as quick blade slices. She either uses it to rapidly use it to augment her speed and power tenfold or generate multiple energy-based swings her sword, release blue-shaped energy blades bombard in a large sweeping motion to have 86 swords rain down.
  • Sword Magic: Shining Blade (ソードマジック:剣シャイニング, Sōdomajikku: Ken shainingu) The user channels a powerful amount of magical power through the surface of the sword, before releasing it at the tip of the blade, magnifying the slash in a golden yellow light. This attack is a powerful technique with great force, creating large-scale damage and destruction. Sh has shown to use this technique in several different manners, such as striking the ground to create an omnidirectional blast to knock away incoming attacks or slashing at the ground to upturn it and crush everything in its path.
  • Sword Magic: Supreme Slash (ソードマジック:最高裁スラッシュ, Sōdomajikku: Saikōsai surasshu) This attack focus, raw magic out of the earth and the planet as well as her own strength all into a single blast. It is so powerful it that it forms into a golden light which has such force, that it rips into the earth and water cutting it like butter, upon impact the blast explodes for about fourteen feet across. The drawback to using this leaves Yumiko with about 90% of her strength than normal, to the point she leans on her sword or sometimes even pass out from the amount of energy lost during this attack unless drawing on another source of power.
  • Sword Magic: Nightmare Edge (ソードマジック:ナイトメアエッジ, Sōdomajikku: Naitomeaejji) This attack is the evil version of the Shining Blade, this magic uses raw magical energy and forms it a giant beam of dark red and black light forming into a solid blast wave which unlike the other she doesn't have to rest to regain herself. It also appears that during slash attacks, it uses the same energy to trail behind it showing that, Alter Yumiko has greater control than her normal counterpart however in her mind, she appears trying to teach her good half how to do the same.
  • Sword Magic: Beam Blade - Yumiko can wave her hand, generating blue magical beam sword out of her hand. She can generate between one and eight of them of them at the same time. Each of them is insanely fast when fired, having them flying forth cutting through multiple enemies sacrificing quantity of blades for high-speed and cutting power.

Requip (換装 Kansō lit. Express Equipment) Is also known as Re-equip, is a Holder Type Magic related to the summoning of equipment, she is able to summon forth her armor as well as her other blades including her famous blade known only as "'Clarentna'", any of magical armor or "Seal Form" Mana blade, which is both very power weapons of legend.

Tumblr ncyltxU5Ns1s7swf7o1 500

Yumiko using Wind Magic in the shape of a Sword

Wind Magic (風魔法 Kaze Mahō) is a type of Caster Magic and a variation of Air Magic. When used by Yumiko, her blade is about to form a swarm of the wind at a moment's notice through her will. She primary uses this type of magic as a support-type to augment the power of the other types of magic during combat.

  • Wind Magic: Wind Blade (風魔法:輝く刃 Kagayaku-ha) This spell requires and infusing three things, Iron from blades that she keeps in her glove, Her own magical energy acting like a type of guide and lastly the winds itself to bind it together, to generate a wind shape blade. The shining blade of a shining wind that would blast out as both a twister and a blade shape to slice down enemy targets. When augmented with Light Magic it generates a powerful light vortex that can burst streams of photons of light through the air to enhance the cutting power of the blade. When augmented by the Dark Magic she can summon a black tornado that uses harsher, more dangerous force to releasing a powerful energy wave through the storm, that has the power to kill multiple targets in a single sweep.
  • Wind Magic: Storm Shred (風魔法: ストーム細断処理 Sutōmu Hoso dan shori) The caster creates several blades of wind, that rains down towards an enemy target and explode in a large gust of wind. The wind-based blades can be commanded by either movement of the user's hands or simply a sword, they are wielding to send a command to the winds itself.
  • Wind Magic: Wind Blade (風魔法: 風の刃, Kaze Mahō: Kaze no ha) The user moves their hands in a pattern and fires several blades of the wind at her targets at once. She can also wave her hands to unleash a spray of multiple blades would fly infused with the winds would spin around drilling into foes as well as slashing or knocking them away from her.
  • Wind Magic: Sky Shifter (風の魔法:スカイシフター, Kaze no mahō: Sukaishifutā) The user moves their hands across as they form the wind in a spinning current along the through their swords, extending both the reach and cutting ability of the blades. This spell is also flexible, being able to be sculpting they're the user's imagination to have the blades turn into various rudimentary weapons that extend beyond the natural dimensions of their original swords; such as broadswords, Twin Hooks, Spiked Shafts and even axes-shapes. Through there is a limit, the prolong usage of this spell, will drain the user having them keep shaping the winds to any weapon-shape they can think of takes a toll on the user during a long conflict.
  • Wind Magic: Storm Mail (風魔法:暴風衣, Kaze Mahō: Sutōmu Meiru) She puts her arms in an X-shape in front of themselves, manipulating wind to spin around them until they are covered by an armor of solid wind. This armor does not only increase their defenses but also augments their destructive power which boosts her slicing power to chop through multiple buildings. This armor of wind constantly blows wind inside out
  • Maxresdefault1

    Wind Magic: Storm Bringer - Blade Attack

    Wind Magic: Storm Bringer (暴風波, ストームブリンガー, Kaze Mahō: Sutōmu Buringā) is an offensive spell wind-type Magic Spell. When the user moves their hand in a pattern, manipulating the surrounding wind and releasing it as a tornado towards the target. She can also generate the storm into a single blade slash to send the tornado towards multiple victims at once.
  • Wind Magic: Wind Wall (風魔法:魔風壁 Kaze Mahō: Mafū Heki) The user creates a tornado that surrounds a certain area it's a different barrier that cuts off people from entering or leaving the area while also protecting them from being harmed. Things thing entering the hurricane like wall will be torn to pieces.
  • Flight - She is shown to be able to use this type of magic to allow him to fly, but he, however, he uses the power of the wind magic as large leaping abilities instead of normal flight. She can use it to move between the airwaves while also keeping up with some of the best.

Light Magic (光の魔法 Hikari no Mahō) is a Caster Magic that involves usage of the light element. It is a natural magic of hers however, she mainly focuses it through her Saint Saint Armor but later on, following a large amount of training, She has shown to use it outside the armor making her a strong able to balance a total of four kinds of magic at once. However a downside of light magic, Yumiko can't use it during her "Dark" Queen Persona, however, during the times she willingly changed into the "Dark Queen" she shown to be able to use both types of magic.

  • Light Magic: Proton Burst (光の魔法:陽子線バースト, Hikari no Mahō: Purotonbāsuto) Through her Saint Paladin Armor, she can generate light-based orbs out of her hand to generate into explosive orbs to blast through enemy defenses. This attack can be used multiple times or changed to generate a larger sense orb to explode at much larger scale than the others, the longer it charges. The orbs can also extend into the long spear-like blades to impale targets before exploding.
  • Light Magic: Firefly Shine (光の魔法:ホタル磨き, Hikari no Mahō: Hotarushain) This is a support type Light Magic. Yumiko can generate bright yellow images of firefly made from her own aura to then dance around the area bursting out a stream of light all around the area to blind multiple targets or shine some illumination to clear the darkness from the area.
  • Light Magic: Proton Rush (光の魔法:光子ラッシュ, Hikari no Mahō: Kōshi rasshu) Similar to Meteor used by Jellal. This spell wraps the user's body is surrounded by Magic, allowing them to move through the air at incredible speed. With their speed, the user assaults their opponents with quick strikes boosting the speed of the user as well as the striking power of the blows. It is fast enough when used by Yumiko to catch up to fast paced wielders including Jellal himself, however, with the added armor she only uses this to evade instead of an offense unless using a light-weight armor.
Tumblr n3bz7d1zbk1svhpylo2 r1 250

"Dark" Yumiko Sinister Magic Aura

Darkness Magic (闇の魔法 Yami no Mahō) This is a Caster Magic which utilizes the element of darkness, this is only used when Yumiko is using the "Dark" Yumiko persona due to balance both light and darkness. When she showed to use this, her hair turns a bit paler and her eyes glow bright yellow. While she can use this magic during her time as this personality gets meaner while also being filled with sorrow and anger which can double the output of power used by this form. When she willingly turns into this form, she is shown to be able to switch between them and able to control this form of magic.

  • Darkness Magic: Words of Pain (闇魔法:痛みの単語, Yami no Mahō: Itami no koto ba) When Yumiko uses this spell, she creates a growing sphere of Darkness Magic. After forming the orb, she then throws it forward as the orb morphs into a monstrous image of floating eyeball with testicles around its body, which it then expelling out black tendrils to lunge outwards to impale multiple enemy targets at once.
  • Darkness Magic: Dark Ray (闇魔法: 暗い線, Yami no Mahō: Kurai sen) Dark Yumiko can generate a black outlined purple beam in the shape of an orb which formed along her finger shortly before firing a powerful ray of Darkness Magic from their hand towards the enemy to impale the beam through their body. She can also do a much more powerful version that turns the small beam into a large blast wave of dark magical energy depending on how much anger she is carrying.
  • Darkness Magic: Black Armor (闇マジック:ザ・ブラックアーマー: Yami majikku: Za burakkuāmā) Dark Yumiko can generate a black vortex of darkness around her body acting a shield to protect from projectile based attacks or outwards as a large wall to block incoming attacks. When used offensively the black armor can turn into many tentacles, that, despite their apparent weightlessness look when they wrap around a target, they become extremely weighted and tighten around a target to blind them.
  • Darkness Magic: Chaos Flare Bomb (闇マジック:ザ・カオスフレア爆弾, Yami majikku: Za kaosufurea bakudan) This the ultimate move in Dark Yumiko's arsenal. This has the user creates a sphere-like bomb made from dark energy in her hand or both her hands. The attack forms a black sphere with red lightning around it generated by the chaos within her. It focused on positive and negative magical power from her body is focused on this sphere to work into an infinite loop until fully charged. it leaves a shot black trail of energy behind before it hits the target, very easily causing a nuke sized explosion that destroys everything caught in the explosion.


Enhanced Strength - While being a stark contrast with her slim and womanly figure, She has shown to have possessed a very large amount of physical strength, having been repeatedly shown capable able to carry fourteen handfuls of solid gold bars and various another thing inside a large bag with little effort. She appears after during her time with training her Masuyo, can carry her Mana blade with a single hand, however, the weight is still is a bit of a factor at times.

Enhanced Durability - She possesses the physical prowess of being able to withstand a lot of wounds before going down despite her low stature and figure. She was able to survive the assault of a sadistic attack from Akuji for multiple rounds without feeling tired. While she was still unconscious and somehow get back up, withstand a barrage of impacts from a crazed Fuyu, an individual capable of breaking down trees and rocks through the sheer physical power of his, without incapacitating damage.

Tumblr mln28cx8771rwnmioo2 500

Yumiko's Immense Magic Power

Immense Magic Power - As an S-Class Mage of the Star Breaker Guild, She possesses a tremendous amount of Magic Power. She was also able to access her dark alter ego, the The Dark Queen which double the amount of power used by Yumiko. When exerted, her Magic Power is a gold & yellow color however during her "Dark" form has black mist with red or purple color outline of magical energy.

Enhanced Speed & Reflexes - Yumiko is able to quickly dodge an opponent's strikes, Even more, amazing she can counterattack in quick and rapid succession almost instantly after she using her Clarence to slice her enemies for both offenses and defend. She has another amazing skill being able to leap onto the top of large buildings to chase after an enemy, without using her magic or anything however at times, is still able to handle her teacher in a fight when it comes to speed. Her enhanced speed & reflexes also allow her to analyze and follow the movements of faster opponents making blocking difficult and otherwise fatal strikes possible, however, it is unknown how quick her speed is alone.

Tumblr mrndp5ZbpJ1rcwfsgo1 500

"Dark" Yumiko High-speed swordplay Combat

Expert Swordsmanship Specialist - She is known to be a very skilled in swordsmanship, and she has the power to stand toe-to-toe with the Queen of Spades. She was able to easily slice and defeat anyone before it could react. She is seemingly capable of attacking things which are out of her sword's range, on for six feet away when using Clarence to since, Mana Blade to heavy to match the speed.

Keen Intellect - Yumiko has proven herself to be a very intelligent, logical and intuitive Mage. She was able to figure out that Fuyu Ketsueki was called the Bloodthirster long time ago. She also is shown to be able to match Angel's cooking skill merely by studying her skills in the past. She is shown to be able to learn things quickly even having a beginners level for being a blacksmith while also being able to defeat Yusuke in a game of chess eight times in a row much to his dismay.



Yumiko wearing a dress

Clarenta - The Famous blade of the land of broken thunder, it is the legendary sword of light which has the power to repel darkness when unleashed. After the area that is known as the main "Thorn", he lays dead his final command was to seal this blade in a tomb putting his heart and soul into this when triggered shines with a golden light, this is the true form of the Mana blade, with pure holy magical energy and raw magical power alone can turn the tide of battle.

Dark Clarence - Forged after the taint of darkness overtaken its good counterpart, this sword not only channels but controls the dark energy of the Dark side Yumiko able to use it at her command, it loses all color aside from strange dark red marks along its side. The sword itself can also be used by Yumiko, however, the dark energy may be a high power-boost for her but if she uses it for too long she might be overtaken and her alter-ego "Dark Yumiko" will return however at some points when both are focused on the same goal she can use it freely.

Mana Blade - the seal form of Clarence a much heavier blade, only unleashed by those who have the royal blood of the ruler of the lands in the past, or one that has the blood of a dragon inside their vain, is able to unleash it power, however the blade remains unseen unless the user chooses to show it. It looks a lot more heavy and larger, requires two hands to use in battle instead of the single hand with Clarence, since it takes a wider shape in the way of a greatsword instead of normal.

Requip Armors

  • Saint Warrior Armor - Yumiko's main standard armor is a steel plate armor with multiple magical runes and built along a dress for maximum movement and comfort at all times. This armor is the default armor, she is normally wearing it's fully durable to within major strikes, however, prolong damage will break the armor. It doesn't carry any unique powers aside from generating a protective barrier around the user when the user focuses their mind.
  • Crimson Tyrant Armor - Yumiko's body is covered completely in thick armor that entirely wraps her small frame aside from the missing helmet. The female's armor is a white armor with crimson red markings and runes around it. When she uses this form her hair is tied back into a bun while, in this armor, she can also use Darkness Magic and her sword turns a red color instead of blue. This armor can generate blood red flames from its gauntlets and the blade itself to launch crimson red flames out toward unexpecting victims.
  • Normal Yumiko Maid
  • Dark Yumiko Maid
  • Normal Armor Yumiko
  • Yumiko sparring Shinichi
  • Dark Yumiko with Maid and Tyrant Empress Armor
  • Saint Paladin Armor
  • Blood Tyrant Armor
  • Saint Warrior Armor with The Mana Blade
  • Tyrant Empress Armor with Black Clarentna
  • Off-duty Yumiko
  • Grim Fates
  • Lion Suit Armor Yumiko - Extra Cute Factor =D
  • Magical Rune Power Armor
  • "Purified" Tyrant Empress Armor
  • Yumiko off Duty Outfit
  • Saint Empress Armor - The armor, used by her after her steel-plate was destroyed was used during the 500-year war, given to her by Kageki/Masahiro who believe it was the right thing to do. Her armor was worn by a woman in the past which killed Drago-lich monster during the 500-year war after a demonic Lich who serves Zeref used his magic to morph himself into remains of an old dragon that was killed off by a crazed dragon slayer. The armor is as lightweight as a feather but is able to protect her from many forms of magic, with the power to cut the effects of many spell attack power in half. After effected by the black stone, well under the influence stopped using this armor wears this after the dark aura. This is the only set of Armor to use both Light and Darkness based Magics.
  • Tyrant Crimson Armor - From the influence of the moon-scatter stone, the soul of Yumiko turn the taint of pitch-black so she summoned forth a dark armor fitting her evil heart takes hold she can summon this armor forth. Her armor takes a dark navy blue and black appearance with much more heavy plate armor with a mask sometimes covering her face, with black, which appears not only to have the effects of most forms of magic but all darkness-based magic appears to be drained into the armor and reverts to dark energy given to the user as extra power to draw upon safely during combat. This armor greatly enhances her power in her strikes chopping down large walls with a single cleave and is very durable however it infects her mind closer to the darkness then her other sets of armor. It was later given to her sister Kagura after the Battle of Regno Rosa.

Yumiko using Saint Paladin Armor while wielding Clarenta

  • Saint Paladin Armor - After her former armor was restored, she took her armor to the Hell Forge, a monstrous forge built in Regno Rosa, which she had a new set of armor forged which is a pure white version of her Saint Empress Armor with strange marks around it. This armor seems when using this set of armor, which retains the halving of magical based attacks, however, it appears this set of armor can summon out photon energy, out of the blade edge of the sword, which trails boosting both the speed of the sword itself and the user. The light from this armor is enough which it appears to hurts, various monsters of myths including Demons, vampires and other abominations of the night.
  • Lion Suit Armor - It was a suit she wore while during her promotion of a type of meat and was used to overwhelm a target with cuteness. However following this, she outfitted the suit with some fiber to help make the outfit more durable during combat while retaining it is a cute look.
  • Armored Saint Rune Armor - This magically enhances power armor was made with runes along the inner plating to be used by channeling a small amount of the user's power to power the suit itself. It is a larger bulky armor around the user taking either Light/Dark elements depending on the user's taste. The enhanced armor comes equipped with a large greatsword as well uses the runes to boost her speed, strength, and durability during combat using the superior power to chop through entire buildings with a single chop.



Dark Yumiko during the Beach Party

  • Her Appearances and Abilities are based on Alter Saber and Normal Saber also known as Altria Pendragon the female version of Knight Arthur from Fate/Stay Night.
  • Clarence pronounced (clue-rent), is the sword in the stone which Arthur pulled free to become King of Britain, not to be mistaken with Excalibur, which Excalibur is Arthur's Sword which he obtained from the Lady of Avalon. It should not be confused with the sword in the stone.
  • Her battle theme hasn't been picked yet, however, if anyone has a suggestion, please comment below for combat since I'm kind of running dry of ideas for that.
  • Also her move-set and weaponry was inspired by Erza Scarlet style with the multiple weapons and armors in combat just. "Saber" looking version.
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