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Yuuki Naito



Yuuki Naito


Darkened Dawn Knight (幽曙騎士, Yūshōkishi)
Dusk Slayer (ドゥスク・スレイヤー, Dusuku Sureiyā)
The Warlock (ワーロック, Wārokku lit. Sorcerer )
Pergrande's Second King (ペグランデの介添え王者, Pergurande no Kaizoe Ouja)


Human/Clockwork Being


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April 1 (April Fool's Day)

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Independent Mage

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Erica Izayoi

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Erica Izayoi (foster mother)
Alexander Naito (father)
Yvonne Naito (mother)
Serah Fujimoto (Half-Sister)


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Ascalon (アスカロン (力屠) Asukaron lit. The Blessed Sword By Which Force is Slain)

Yuuki Naito (優希・ナイト, Yuuki Naito lit. Superior Hope Knight) also known by his friends as Yuu (勇, (ゆう) Yuu lit. Bravery) to shorten his name. Yuuki is a young man who comes from the past, specifically coming from the Pergrande Kingdom, recognised as one of its Knights of the Round Table the most powerful knights in the entire Kingdom as well as the most trusted by the king. Yuuki was in fact one of Pergrande's greatest heroes defeating more than enough monsters, demons and opponents to be worthy of being king this gaining him the alias of Pergrande's Second King (ペグランデの介添え王者, Pergurande no Kaizoe Ouja) and also because he was the ruler in the king's absence, before having a wife of course. Some of Yuuki's deeds that made him such a great hero where winning several wars against opposing countries such as the Bellum War and the Enca War. This being the reason to why Pergrande is the largest country.

He also defeated various Lamias, powerful gigantic demons. However there was one thing that Yuuki wasn't able to kill, a dragon. The dragon killed Yuuki's men and destroyed the kingdom, leading it to its ruins. Luckily, the young boy wasn't killed because he was saved by an enigma who only told him "You don't belong here boy, you belong to the era in which conflicts must be resolved" gave him a lacrima then transported him to the future, to the year X791 precisely. However the spell used to take him into the future had secondary effects, Yuuki's being memory loss, remembering nothing from his past but only the words from the enigmatic figure. Although he still knew how to fight exactly like before and how to use magic as well. With only his resolve to complete what the enigma ordered him, the young man parted on a journey to regain his memory as well as to solve the "conflicts".

At some point of the story it is revealed that he is actually a hybrid between a human and a Clockwork Being, having a lot of hidden potential that is awakened as the story continues, being one of the first made by the Magic Council and seen as a protocol when compared to other Clockwork Beings. As the readers follow along with the story they will learn more about Yuuki's past as well as his powers. The readers will also be able to see how Yuuki's personality develops from a shy and air-headed boy to a person who is determined to accomplish his goals. Although he has no memory of his past he still keeps going forward without any regrets.



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Ascalon, the Holy Sword

Ascalon (アスカロン (力屠) Asukaron lit. The Blessed Sword By Which Force is Slain) the strongest sword in the Pergrande Kingdom, according to the legend only the most powerful and faithful knight is able to wield this weapon demanding an immense amount of magical power as well as a pure and sinless user, because of this the blade has gained the alias of Saint Sabre of Dazzling Power (聖剣煌々煌々, Seiken no Mabushī Seiryoku). Ascalon was given to Yuuki by the king, as a symbol of his trust and respect for Yuuki. Originally, Ascalon's design was one identical to a normal rapier, being of a white color with a golden hilt, although looking ordinary the sword was actually extremely powerful, having the power of exerting Yuuki's raw magical power, with it he killed various powerful monsters. The rapier is made of Mithril an extinct type of metal, it is somewhat similar to silver but way more resistant, being almost unbreakable and being by far lighter in weight, allowing for more speed during combat. Ascalon was originally made by an unknown blacksmith who besides making the rapier with Mithril, inserted an exceptionally mighty magical crystal that stored magical power inside the blade, serving somewhat similar to an Edolas magical item. Much to Yuuki's surprise when he travelled to the year X791, he "spawned" as he calls it with a new remodelled version of Ascalon made by the enigma. The new features added to the rapier where a cylinder with multiple chambers that Yuuki can insert lacrima in. When used the blade becomes engulfed in the lacrima-type attribute and he is able to use the properties of it, such as if he uses the orange lacrima he can use the element of fire upon his blade. There are six slots in the cylinder Yuuki usually keeps his elemental type lacrima in there, although he also varies from time to time. He can control which lacrima he wants to use by simply moving the sword's handle. When running out of powder or crystals of lacrima he can refill it by simply moving his sword in a slashing motion downwards, causing the blade to "open", the process being similar to that of a normal revolver. He can replace the powder/crystals very quickly. A decorated pommel with four long tines can be seen attached to the cylinder. The blade can be considered a fusion between a revolver and a rapier, being a type of gunblade in some sorts.

Magic and Abilities

"Man, the whole country is going over the rumour of a person who has defeated several captains of our army, they say he is truly power and could even take the Seven Deadly Sins! Several times he has saved civilians from dangerous opponents yet almost nobody sees him. Does a person like him truly exist? We should keep our heads up because he might attack us in any moment. Supposedly he is a sort of cyborg or something the emperor created who acts as a hero. Scary, right? This man is a legend, he is known as The Warlock."
— A Magic Council soldier commenting on Yuuki's prowess

Physical Abilities

Ways of Combat

Master Swordsman Specialist: When on combat, Yuuki usually depends on a sword. As he has demonstrated that he is incredibly skilled on the arts of the sword. As it is his primary choice of weaponry, it is obvious that he learned how to use it, becoming a master in sorts. Being able to swing his sword and cause destruction on it's wake. Learning traditional and non-traditional moves, in other words, moves created by him at a faster pace and strength, at incredible high speeds which are able to confuse or even stun his opponents, and deal powerful blows while they are helpless. He prefers to hold the sword in it's traditional way, using the normal grip. Unlike many mages nowadays, who prefer the reverse grip way of holding the sword. Grabbing the normal grip with one hand gracefully. This is his usual way of holding his blade, something which belongs to the renaissance-age sword style, Fencing (刀術, Toujutsu) more specifically Rapier Fencing. This specific sword style is the one Yuuki learned to use since his childhood, learning this from his foster mother. He is a master in the art of Fencing. With it, he is able of comprising both strikes, which later turned into slashes, along with skill full thrusts. He was taught since childhood, to specifically thrust, this being the most used action in the art of fencing doing this until he mastered it. Being able of piercing a body just by aiming at the heart, or aiming at non-vital body parts. Although being taught to only attack at non-vital parts, in the end, he also learned how to attack any other part of the body, something he is able to do perfectly, even to fatal body parts to end a battle right away. While he was learning Fencing, he was taught in battles to only thrust at the throat of the opponent as this is what is allowed in this modern sword style, this later developed to thrusting to other parts of the body such as the heart, or anything similar. He also learned how to fight without using any specific style, only using his imagination to destroy a building by slashing it multiple times with his blade, while at the same time being able to create a miniature tornado by slashing the air so much with his force, that it was able to create said catastrophe. Yuuki's attacks are so quick and speedy that his opponents barely get a chance to respond to his moves. Yet at the same time his attacks are firm and strong capable of enervating air pressure around his blade, which come of as powerful slashes that are able to cut through even iron and magical enhanced armour. Even, cutting through strong types of Barrier Magic and Shield Magic. He learned the basics of the sword from his teacher, a member of the Pergrande Kingdom whom he treated as her own mother, as she taught him the basics of swordsmanship, the young man developed his own style based on some of his teacher's moves. Despite her using a scissor blade, and he using a regular sword. Yuuki's sword style consists on using quick yet steady moves and at the same time powerful to confuse his opponents with speedy hits that slash through them as if it was nothing. He often, adds new moves from his combos by augmenting his creativity or in other words, using moves from people close to him and chaining them with other moves. Creating splendid techniques inspired by others. He has also shown to be good at blocking, being able to deflect the hammer of a war beast, along with deflecting a turret's bullets by using a mix between his acrobatics, speed and reflexes. Constantly, trying to find openings to their attacks, making him a rather skilled individual when it comes to countering. His style is considered somewhat offensive, doing large assaults leaving his opponent breathless and unable to counter. Considered to be lethal, and fatal to anyone who fights him. While being quite offensive, he can also go on the defensive as shown above. Using his sword as a shield to deflect even magical blasts.

  • Sword Magic: Sudden Eclipse (剣の魔法・俄蝕, Ken no Mahō: Gashoku): is a Holder Type magic. Very common among Earthland, due to its facility to use. Alongside Requip it is one of the most common magics used by a countless number of mages. To use Sword Magic, one must channel their Eternano directly into their swords or blades. Usually, specially constructed. An example being Yuuki's blade. Channeling the Eternano, can make the blade alter it's entire structure until it reaches an unstable form of metal and magic, allowing the person to manipulate it into a solid shape that can also engage the spell that the user sees fit to use, making it more destructive while in this state. If the user of said magic has a good affinity with a certain type of magic, they are able to add a magic to it. This includes basic elemental magic such as, Fire, Water, Earth, Light, Darkness, Lightning and Wind, which are the most general and common magic's. In some cases even others such as Heavenly Body Magic, Twilight Magic or Lunar Magic can also be affined in the blades, this can be done while they condense their blade into the more unstable form. This allows the user to have a more varied spell in their arsenal, and includes a variety of techniques including their elemental sword magic. During the time after the sword spell is used, the Eternano is immediately ejected from the blade, allowing the unstability, the result from the Eternano, to cease and transform the blade back to it's normal and usual shape. Meaning their unstable form of the blade won't last forever. This is an obvious weakness of the magic, as they cannot use one spell eternally, without a certain amount of time. And Despite it's commonly use in Earthland, like all magic it holds risks, such as, mental focus. This is something that the magic requires, as if they disconcentrate. For even a second they might lose a battle. This, including in the middle of the process. Or while using a spell, they might even harm themselves is not focused on their target. Another is the incredible magical control required for said magic. It is a requisite that one must have no matter what, or else the sword may "take-over" them, harming them in the middle of their battle. This is something Lucas, has shown to have a great excellency over. Showing that he is quite a prominent caster in the use of Magic itself. This is shown for his ease of altering the sword's solid shape and controlling it's unstable form. Another risk that this magic holds is that the user must be sure of themselves. This includes not being scared or frightened, as this might cause the user to hold the hilt of their sword lightly, which leads to the blade dropping due to the force it requires, while casting it's spells. This is also due to the fact that unless the Eternano is controlled and is kept at a steady flow into the blade, the blade will simply revert back to it's normal shape while the Eternano is simply ejected outward. Yuuki's specific Sword Magic style is known by it' name Sudden Eclipse (剣の魔法・俄蝕, Ken no Mahō: Gashoku): this is a type of Sword Magic created by Yuuki himself, which thanks to his great control of magic was created. It consists on gathering Eternano into his blade, this being from themselves as from the outside, and merging it with his Magical Aura. This makes an incredibly destructive force, made by mixing two easy and simple types of energy and getting a result which is quite powerful.
    • End of Heart (超究武神覇斬 (エンド・オブ・ハート), Endo obu Hāto lit. Super Ultimate Martial God Supreme Slash): End of Heart is an extremely powerful Sword Magic spell—when performing End of Heart, the user manifests their magical power outwards, using Shape Transformation in order to forge it in the form of a blade, before swinging down with their regular blade, causing five illusionary swords composed of pure magical power to be ejected upwards from the main blade in a circle around the target. The main blade flies to float above the target as the other illusionary swords circle them. The user flies forward and grabs one of the five illusionary swords, dashing towards and slicing the target with it. The user completes this process four times, slicing the target with each sword. Each time the user dashes to take hold of another sword, a glowing silhouette of the user is left in place holding the previous sword. Finally, the user flies above the target, takes hold of the main blade and descends for a final attack. A shockwave is unleashed as the strike connects, dispersing the silhouettes holding the illusionary blades. The user lands on the ground surrounded by the five illusionary blades and the main blade falls into their hand a moment later. Each of the strikes drain the foe's magical power, resulting in the user regaining a massive amount of magical power with this attack, making it an incredibly rewarding desperation attack; stealing over seventy-percent of the opponent's magical power which is then transferred into the final strike, making it an overwhelming blow that almost none could hope to recover from. However, the amount of health drained is rather unnecessary; as once the spell has been utilized, victory has already been secured. It should be noted that if the foe attempts to escape during this sequence, the air changes direction and boosts the force of the user's strikes.
    • Brave Edge (健気端, Kenage Hashi): A very versatile spell, which Yuuki created by simply using his imagination and creativity, to begin the spell the user must first focus their control upon eternano into the blade, charging it with a good amount of magical power. Afterwards, he uses his magical energy manipulation to shape the coat of eternal into a spear covering the sword with its now condensed energy. From this point he can use the spear in any way he desires, being able of fighting in close combat with his opponents and defeating them as well. Another feature Brave Edge holds is that, since the spear is basically magical energy, Yuuki is able of altering the spear's size, being able of turning it into a small spear which is the size of the blade itself, or expanding it into a gigantic spear with immense power. The spear carries tremendous force when thrown, and it can push through buildings and magical enhanced defenses alike, able to pierce through opposing sources of magic; an example of this is that it is able to smash a hole in Wave, moving so fast that the magic is unable to properly defend its caster. As well as ripping through flesh with relative ease. It also has more resistance than normal blades due to being a spear of magical power, but can still be shattered with enough force. Despite this, if only one part of the spear is shattered, it can re-form, due to Yuuki's magical power replacing the shattered part with another, formed from his energy. The spear can also shoot beams of magical power along with blasts and slashes which may cause damage to the opponent. Overall, it is a very powerful spell with multiple uses.
    • Sword Storm (魔剣嵐, Sōdo Arashi lit. Tempest Blade Creation): is a very useful and powerful spell that has immense capability which Yuuki is able to perform. For one to use this technique it is required that they have a regular mastery over the sword, which needs to develop for the spell to be used at its maximum. First, the user, in this case Yuuki, must manifests their magical power outwards, proceeding to plant their sword in the ground and then use Shape Transformation to make countless copies of his blade that are scattered around the battlefield. Since they are copies of his blade, he is able of attacking his opponents with the blades around the battlefield via a method similar to Telekinesis, being able of creating bows and arrows, spears, swords, wings, or even use them to levitate, this spell making devastating damage. Because of regular training Yuuki has being able of upgrading this technique and developing a fighting style known as The Hundred One-Sword Style (百一刀流, Hyaku Ittōryū), using multiple of the replicas that he has created to fight his opponent and being able of defeating them with quite ease. He can also enhance this spell by flooding all of the blades with magical power to cause even more damage and destruction, this swords causing fatal damage upon contact. The spell can also be used as a shield for protection or as a powerful dragon made out of swords that devour the opponent, at the beginning of the series Yuuki can extend the swords to half a mile which over time develops to five miles over time. He has shown to have quite control over this spell being able of creating little to many swords, even able of just making two replicas of his blade, or ten, or just a countless amount, he is also able of shooting them as if they were bullets. Yuuki has gone to the point of almost mastering this spell and using it effectively in many ways.

Expert Hand to Hand Combatant: Yuuki is as good in combat as he is good with the sword. Perhaps, he had to learn how to defend himself if he didn't have his sword with him or if he was disarmed in the middle of combat. He has shown to be quite good at disarmed combat, using his hands, feet and head in combat sending powerful blows of impressive strength and, speed to the opponent. It is rumoured that Yuuki's style of fighting may be considered the same as his sword leading others to say it is basically the same only that using his body to attack, this had lead has style of fighting to be called Jushi Hakigen (呪死破気拳, Mystique Deadly Destruction Energy Fist), he has shown to be able to continue a combo chaining his sword and hand to hand combat attacks in the middle of the fight. Doing it very quickly without any fear. When delivering combos at the opponent make sit very difficult to keep up with eye speed as he first may start using his palms in combat and then quickly changing to kicks chaining this with some headbutts and punches. Giving his opponents no time to block, dodge or at times even counterattack. He has even developed incredible martial arts technique being able to take a person of great weight with ease using there own weight against them. He became a skilled fighter throughout experiences alone having no training in hand to hand combat.

He prefers to do quick punches and kicks, yet they carry an immense force which manipulates wind in the air being capable of punching the air itself, and using it as a booster. Something that makes his style of fighting somewhat of crazy and unpredictable is his headbutts. When he can't use his hands and legs he will use his head to attack even if these breaks his skull which is pretty not likely. Yuuki's strength relies in his whole body. In disarmed combat he prefers to use his strong legs to move quickly and confuse the enemy. Hitting him quickly in fatal parts of the body this being the neck or the head having no fear in smashing the opponents head to the ground. Due to the latter's strength in his legs he is able to increase his speed and force by every hit he does doing it in the split of a second or to send several fatal attacks to the opponent. also uses his acrobatism to send great physical strikes or spinning hits with his legs. To enhance his movements Yuuki has shown to use magic making his style of fighting more deadly than ever. Doing creative techniques that require his magic leaving destructive damage towards what's near him.

Something that he always uses in combat is the environment around him. For example using walls to slam the opponent's face at or just dodging there moves until they collapse with something near him. As when he fought a bandit and used the door of a house to hit his opponents head breaking there skull with it. Afterwards he grabbed the leg of a table and throwed it at the other bandit quickly killing him instantly as the leg went right through his heart. To finish with the third bandit who throwed him a knife. He quickly took the top part of a garbage can and used it as a shield afterwards he throwed the garbage can "shield". Knocking him right there as two of his teeth fell out. Definitely, he has shown to have great creativity when the things come to attacks. Not only these but his combat also relies in counterattacks, usually waiting for his opponent to try and hit them, and then deflecting these, proceeding to hit them in a vital point. Although his hand to hand combat is not exactly taught by someone, Yuuki had to learn it, due to the possibilities of losing his sword during combat.

  • Falcon Punch (隼の拳, Hayabusa no Kobushi): The Falcon Punch is a technique developed by Yuuki. Due to it's process and power some have considered it a spell, although not originating from any magic, rather than the source itself. The attack can be manifested as a close-range attack yet at the same time a sort of medium-ranged attack. Said to bring the nature of magic itself, and that this technique was an example of what Ancient mages used to fight in the Human-Demon War, rumours say that it was very possible for a martial arts technique. To perform the Falcon Punch technique, he first charges his fist with eternano that he gains from the environment and from himself flooding his fist with it, until it is too it's limit, going to the point of taking the form of a mystique, phoenix out of a red color, which is the colour of Yuuki's magic. The phoenix which takes shape in his hand is said to match the strength of an Elemental Enchanced Fist when its potential is used. Clashing with it and causing a grand explosion at times. However, due to the user's immense strength at times, which is rarely when he clashes with someone it may break their hand during the impact. Due to the impulse used when performing said technique. When Yuuki finishes charging his fist with magical power, he extends his arm forward with a good amount of strength, this allows to move gusts of winds as a coat, which serve to blow the enemy away if they try to dodge, by doing a duck or jumping. However, if the attack hits, it will send the opponent blowing away meters from him. And not only this, due to the accumulated eternano inside the technique is so much, that it causes multiple explosions inside the opponents body due to the impact, this looks somewhat as if it was an invisible force smashing the opponent. Although one could probably endure this hit, at times it is possible for them to choke blood due to the impact attacking them from the inside. At the end, Yuuki's hand emits smoke from it because of the force needed for said technique. For the mid-ranged use, the user basically repeats the same process and throws the energy phoenix towards his opponents. Thought it has a certain distance until, the phoenix disappears. Reason to why it is mid-range and not long-range.

Physical Prowess

Immense Strength: Despite his rather scrawny structure,Yuuki has immense physical strength, this being simply because of daily training to the limit and his usual battles that have improves this physical condition. Although looking very thin, beneath his shirt lies a very muscular body. He has shown to be able of carrying more than 6 times his size with relative facility, doing this without showing a single type of strain. He is even capable of lifting two rocks that are ten times his size, with only two hands. Because of his immense strength, he is capable of shattering barriers with a single punch, he can do this by focusing his strength in one single point and then destroying the object standing in his way, this also serves while fighting opponents, trying to find the weak point of the opponent and then using his massive strength to hit it. Along with this, he is able of causing shockwaves that blow his opponents away. He is also capable of breaking metal into little pieces, something that has helped him during fights in which he is disarmed and his opponents carry weapons. Although many consider it inhuman, Yuuki has been able of shattering steel with a single punch and even going to the point of causing damage to a supposedly "unbreakable" iron. And even while carrying a large amount of equipment, this has not caused any sort of trouble for him, as shown when he carried a big backpack that carried several heavy materials and weapons, into a mountain.

When using his legs, Yuuki is capable of causing miniature earthquakes that are considered of small-scale destruction. His leg strength goes to the extent of being able to create small craters on the ground. In addition, due to him not completely controlling his ability of flight, he uses his legs to jump at tremendous heights, reaching several levels of a building. Along with this, he is quite capable of reaching places quickly, as he is able to leap at quite long distances, that are considered monstrous. He has also shown to be powerful enough by carrying his weapon around with him which at first was very heavy before been modified. He developed muscle simply by carrying his weapon around with him and using it for combat, swinging it around as if it was nothing, as he even considered it light-weight before modifying it. Even without using martial arts techniques to do lethal damage to his opponents, he has been able of breaking their bones with a single movement, causing fatal wounds to his opponents, his strength also being helpful while using his martial arts. When using magic to enhance his limbs his strength is multiplied by at least tenfold or more, achieving feats that are considered inhuman, letting his opponents know he is something not easy to beat and when fighting him they should be aware of the cost.

Immense Speed and Reflexes: Yuuki's speed can be considered immense, being able of catching up with a mage that uses High Speed, with ease. Because of his magnificent physical ability. He moves at such a fast rate that it usually confuses his opponents, making it look as if he uses teleportation magic, due to his quickness. His tremendous strength found in his legs, allows him to approach his opponents in a millisecond, looking as if he disappeared, only leaving dust behind. In fact, he has won battles without even touching his opponent, overwhelming his adversaries with speed, by jumping around buildings and varying his attacks, causing his enemy confusion, making them faint because of his sheer speed. Because of being of a smaller size than his opponents, he is able of using this to puzzle his adversary and attack them on their weak spots. As he is incredibly fast, in close-range he is able of dodging bullets and attacks coming from behind, combining his speed and reflexes to make a proper counterattack, this shows that sneak attacks rarely work against Yuuki. In combat, he is able of performing a barrage of attacks, giving no time for his opponents to dodge, and when on the defensive, blocking his opponent's attacks, and even keeping up with the fastest of combatants. Due to his amazing leg strength, he is able of reaching places in no time, by jumping through buildings, impulsed by his great speed, leaping long distances.

His speed much like his others physical abilities, come from training his body endlessly, developing an incredible amount of agility, as shown when he created several afterimages of himself simply by using his speed, something he has gained control of, another skill of his is being able of impulsing his punches and kicks, basically strength with speed, using impulse to deliver fierce punches towards his opponents. Once Yuuki exterminated a gang of bandits, by decapitating them, without giving them proper time to react. Overall, he has astonishing speed. Along with speed, come reflexes, throughout the series, he has shown to have enhanced reflexes dodging incoming attacks in midair automatically, serving as an instinct, or sixth sense, even catching bullets that are shot towards him, to be able of dodging attacks, he has shown to be able of performing backflips, front flips and even balancing himself in one hand. His reflexes have even saved people's lives, saving an innocent civilian from a sneak attack, and dodging his opponent's attacks by doing cartwheels and tricks in mid-air. Showing that he might know some things about acrobatics.

Enhanced Durability and Endurance: Yuuki is extremely durable, withstanding hits that may result fatal. Since he was a child, he has proven to have a long-lasting body. Being able to stay standing after being hit by an extremely powerful spell, using his body as protection. Although, after this he was hurt badly. He was still able to cast spells that may require more magical power than usual. After this he was able to defeat his opponent because of his enhanced endurance. In his time as a test subject, he had to hold the pain of the tests as a Purger, not to mention that after this event he became more durable than ever. Once, he was slammed into a huge boulder and Yuuki didn't even have a scratch after being hurt by this. He is able to survive being shot by blasts of magical powers from every possible angle and stay alive afterwards. Because of the battles he has passed through and all the pain as well, his endurance and durability have gone above any other normal human. As shown when he was about to be crushed by two walls and was able to survive. not only does he have a high endurance but, he's recovering rate is also different to any normal human. Due to this enhanced endurance, Yuuki at times has used himself as a body shield to protect other people. He can easily break through any spell that restricts his movement as shown when a mage that used Restriction Magic attacked him. He easily broke free of the spell and with a powerful kick hit the dark mage. Due to him being able to heal fastly in the heat of battle if he is hurt by minor attacks he will recover or try and recover making his body and him more deadly than any other normal person.

Other Abilities

High Intelligence:

Magical Abilities

Lucas demonstrating his immense magical power by liberating it as his --Magical Aura--
Immense Magical Power: Yuuki has shown, since the start of the series to have an immense quantity of magical power, which has developed through the series. His magical power is so high that it can be very detectable when released, a reason to why he keeps it contained in his body making it seem as if he has no magic power. Some even fear his amounts of magical power, considering it rare for a person of his age to have such power. He's extreme amount of magical power is shown in several ways, one of these being his ability of performing and mastering several magics, being able of casting several spells of this magic in the same battle without showing any signs of fatigue. As well as being able of unlocking powerful armours for his Requips, something which is believed to be very hard for a person to do, requiring amazing control over magical power and possessing a large amount of it. His half-sister, Serah, has stated that one of the reasons that both of them have immense magical energy is because of being the child of two powerful mages whose names carry great weight. Alexander and Yvonne Naito, who were both considered to have the power of defeating the Ten Wizard Saints together. Another reason to why he has so much power is because of training, his magical power going through the roof because of this. Since he is a half Clockwork Being, his magical power is near-exhaustible a reason to why he can withstand multiple battles in a row. Also, since he is one of the two "Chosen Ones" it is rumoured that both hold an inexhaustible amount of magical power found inside themselves, Yuuki even after the timeskip has not awakened this inexhaustible amount, however he has developed tremendous magical power. At the beginning of the series he does not possess a lot of skill in controlling his magical power a reason to why he had lost several battles, however through the series, he learns how to control his magical power and developing new ways of using it. Although feared, his magical power is not always released unless something causes it, such as a certain memory, emotion or anything similar. When this happens his magical power is released and this is when it is completely feared, releasing a blue coloured aura that can be used to fight against his opponents, being able of destroying his opponent with it, or shape his magical power in anything he wants to use it for. It should be noted that his magical reserves are so high that he can fight with opponents for a whole day and continue. Showing his great amount of magic. When liberated his magical power usually takes the shape of a galaxy surrounded by stars which strike fear into his opponent's heart.
  • Magical Aura (魔力の霊気 Maryoku no Reiki; Literally meaning Aura of Magical Power) is a common term given to the exertion of magical energy into a form outside of the user's body that isn't used in the formation of spells. It has been demonstrated by various mages of varying potency, and is a common means of intimidation. A magical aura is created when the body's container of Eternano particles exceeds the limits of what it contains, or is purposefully released by the user. Upon doing so, the magical energy surges around the body and is exerted outwards in the form of an aura, which holds considerable pressure surrounding it. Depending on the level of magical power one possesses and the control behind it, it can be used as a means to intimidate another individual, or as a preparation for a powerful spell. A single magical aura can have a wide variety of effects dependent on the power an individual exerts, which will be outlined in the following sections. Yuuki can use his magical power to intimidate his opponents, doing this when stopping thugs and robbers, opponents which he considers not worthy of a fight. He can do this by simply exerting his S-Class Aura (大力の魔霊気, Dairyoku no Mareiki; Literally meaning Magical Aura of Great Power) using the former to create a frightening monster causing his enemies to run away some people even mistaking this with Illusion Magic. His Aura is one demonstrated solely by S-Class mages or above in potency, and generally are reserved to the stronger S-Class mages as a consequence of their sheer magical strength. When exerted, the S-Class aura takes the form of an overwhelming level of pressure that surrounds the user in a color that best represents their personality, being of a red color. It generally encompasses them in a certain radius, and demonstrates a level of strength that leaves most mages unable to react to it unless they've had continual exposure or exert an aura of similar potency. However, the problem with this aura is that if it used continuously, it can tire an individual. Though considering most S-Class' level of magical power, this is rarely the case. The variety of effects achieved by this aura are noted to be quite high, as it can take the form of different shapes and can be used to repel magical and physical assaults alike. One if it's effects is that when awakened it can instantly push the opponent away somewhat similar to a wind or gravity shield, able of being used in this manner as well as even causing small-scale earthquakes with it's sheer power. When using his aura he is able of separating it into small spheres of magical power to attack his opponent, or even concentrate all of his aura in one point and liberating it as a blast. Something that Yuuki has used from time to time is his almost achieved. A Monster Aura (未力の魔霊気, Miryoku no Mareiki; Literally meaning Magical Aura of Outstanding Power), as it is classified, is the strongest classification of aura to date. Only extremely powerful mages are capable of this aura, and are generally Guild Aces, if not masters, Yuuki is certainly an exception awakening the power required for a monster aura with an emotional trigger. In the canon, two individuals have shown this aura, notably Gildarts Clive and Makarov Dreyar, both individuals with tremendous levels of magical power. Upon release, the magic almost consumes the user in their color, leaving nothing but a phantom-like apparition to remain. It should also be noted that the aura is far wider, and is generally uncontrolled by the individual. However, "Monster" auras aren't limited to intimidation, and can be used for the preparation of a spell. This was demonstrated aptly by Jellal Fernandes in his activation of Sema, which caused the environment to become distorted due to the sheer level of magical power concentrated in the atmosphere thanks to his release of power. It is also worth noting that the pressure exhibited from such an aura can form a large column of energy, leaving the pressure enough to visibly cause strain on individuals even from a considerable distance away from the exertion of the aura, indicating at the sheer level of power within this aura, this aura is truly destructive causing havoc wherever it goes. A skill Yuuki can use is that he is able of sensing other people's magical potential when using his aura, serving as a power leve measurer although Yuuki himself doesn't believe in power levels.
  • Eternano Manipulation: Once the user has mastered their own magic, they are capable of drawing in ambient eternano from the atmosphere, and instead of absorbing it into their magical origin, they are able to manipulate the eternano for offensive, defensive, and supportive purposes in any way that they wish; allowing to them harness their magic power more efficiently and utilize it in a variety of different ways; all of which incorporate the focusing of magic power into certain areas in order to achieve numerous and highly varied effects such as increased attack, defense, and speed, or feeding extra eternano into spells to give them an enormous boost in power. Generally, a magician has an easier time collecting this stray eternano in environments with higher concentrations of it such as the area where a vicious battle between others has progressed. To a master of eternano manipulation, there is no difference between simple eternano and their own magical energy as a source of power. At the absolutely highest level, a master magician's eternano prowess functions as a defense against illusions due to their sheer mastery over it, making them all but immune to everything except the strongest of fabrications.
  • Shape Transformation (形態変化, Keitai Henka): Shape Transformation is not a spell per-se, but rather, Shape Transformation is a skill that somebody whom possesses mastery in their magic is capable of utilizing—but this can extend to anyone with a good grasp on the concept of eternano and how to harness its power easier. When utilizing Shape Transformation, the user is capable of grasping at the eternano in the atmosphere, grabbing bundles or even thin, minuscule amounts—any predetermined amount will do, as long as it is workable. Once this eternano has been taken ahold of, the user is capable of manipulating it into any form that they see fit; or rather, this seems to only work upon pre-formed spells. When utilizing Shape Transformation upon pre-formed spells, the user is capable of injecting small or large amounts of eternano into the spell, no matter how near or far away the spell is, or even if it's already been launched, enabling the user to modify, alter, or downright re-shape the form and movement of the eternano particles which compose the spell, enabling them to change the spell in any way which they see fit—it is through this method, that a magician is capable of developing variants of spells, or just plain mixing it up with variety in the heat of battle.
  • Magic Seal Manipulation: It is known that with magical spells come magical seals. Because of all the spells that Yuuki has learned throughout his life, he has developed the use of magical seals. Although the magical seals appear only when a spell is cast, Yuuki has found a way of using the magical seals individually without any spell, this is because of his tremendous magic manipulation, having a skill when it comes to raw magical power. The Magic Seals are known to be the sign that a spell will take place, gathering magical power in this seals before any technique or ability is used. Where a magic seal can appear has no limits, appearing in almost any technique that one uses, a reason to why it is commonly known by people. Yuuki's magical seals are the color of his magical power; red, like most people, his magical seal appears as a glyph formed by his power and energy. He can use the magical glyph in a variety of ways that are very useful. The glyphs he creates act as a way to accelerate him in the direction that he wants too, gaining more and more speed, though he is visible while using it at first and then gains more speed to the point where it would be hard to notice him. He can also use them as a platform in midair, allowing him to fight in aerial combat, this giving him more possibilities to win a battle being able of changing between aerial and ground levels, or in battle can be used to simply slow his decent. Additionally, he can propel himself to the air shortly, by summoning the glyph beneath him and then gaining impulse. Allowing him to travel short distances easily. He can also use the glyph defensively, using it as a shield against enemy attacks, the glyph being a bit durable despite not looking like it. Since it is durable and can shield attacks it can also be used to attack his opponents in close combat, punching or kicking his opponents with the magical glyph, shattering their bones in the impact.

Magic in General

Assorted Magic (雑魔法, Zamahō): is the main form of combat utilized by Mages, which is bought and sold all throughout the world as items. Magic is the physical embodiment of the spirit. When the physical spirit of an organism connects with the spiritual flow of nature, the spirit forms Magic as a product of the connection. Only ten percent of the world's population is able to use Magic, which is noted to keep a balance between ordinary people and those with Magic. It takes an enormous amount of concentration and mental ability to use Magic, requiring the user to use Magic Power (魔力, Maryoku) in their body Magic Power is the source of Power for all Mages, it is composed of Eternano (魔子 (エーテルナノ), Ēterunano lit. Magic Particles), which is the term coined to name particles of Magic. Eternano dwells inside all living organisms and throughout the atmosphere. Nobody knows when Magic began, or how Eternano originated. Eternano is the source of Magic Power for all Mages; and every Mage has a container inside their body that determines the limits of their Magic Power. If the case becomes empty, Eternano will come from the atmosphere and enters the Mage's body and after a while, their Magic Power is restored. Eternano has near-zero rest mass - though, like any particle, its mass increases to reflect its potential or kinetic energy - and can carry either a positive or negative charge.

In order to cast spells, a magician derives the power necessary from two sources: their own body's Magic Origin (魔原, Magen), and the atmosphere. A Magic Origin is exactly what the wording indicates—it is a special organ that is located within the body of a magician, that absorbs eternano and bunches it up into clusters, which is processed into magical power. Every Mage has a container inside their body that determines the limits of their Magic Power; this is precisely what a Magic Origin is. If the case becomes empty, eternano will come from the atmosphere and enters the Mage's body and after a while, their Magic Power is restored.

It appears that the concept of using a proportion to the user's Magic Origin or the atmosphere is dependent entirely upon the magic used in question. With internal magic such as High Speed, one requires the use of their own magic far more than external magic such as Fire Magic, where they generally rely more on atmospherically magic. By collecting eternano and subsequently imbuing it with a certain 'command' through either an incantation, hand gesture or a simple spell name, allow it to then mysteriously take upon a characteristic unique to that spell. Interestingly, some magicians, if they are descended from unique families, have shown that they are capable of replenishing their eternano faster thanks to unique traits. However, recent studies have identified another, unused, part of a Mages' Magic container that contains a large amount of dormant power: the Second Origin. If a Mage somehow manages to unlock their Second Origin, they will then receive an enormous boost in Magic Power, or they can wait until the right moment to unleash the Magic Power of their Second Origin in order to gain an advantage in the battle. Yuuki has learned various uncategorized spells that fall under the category of Magic itself preferring the former over a magic properly, considering it to be extremely easy to learn yet at the same time powerful.

  • Magic Ray (魔力光線 (マジック・レイ), Majikku Rei lit. Magical Power Beam) is an uncategorized magic spell that is of no magic type—instead, it is said to be incredibly easy to learn, and thus rather basic. Within the Rune Knights, it is very often the first spell that is taught, along with Defenser and Mystic Cage. Magic Ray does as the name says—it allows the user to fire a beam of pure, concentrated magical power at their enemy. When the Rune Knights were first formed, the head of the Magic Council reasoned that most magicians joining would be need to taught several spells in order to maximize their effectiveness. However, since many magicians joining were simply starting to discover magic, and didn't know the intricacies of high-tier spells, the head decided to simplify the spells learnt so that they would be easy and fast to teach, yet effective- "like fast food". Magic Ray is one of three spells taught, along with the barrier Defenser and the trap spell called Mystic Cage. The reason all three were chosen is because of their sheer versatility, as they're all capable of being modified in almost any way that the caster wishes. When performing Magic Ray, the user utilizes coherent particles of eternano, which are charged by the user's magical power as to rapidly excite the constituent particles of eternano, which experience an increase in density and seem to multiply; this causes them to seek equilibrium and self-stabilize, being reflected and amplified by the magical aura and formed into a high-powered and potentially destructive beam of coherent radiation which is in a hyper-condensed form; essentially, a powerful ray of pure magical energy. What is so notable about Magic Ray is that everything about it can be customized, from the trajectory, the properties, and even the shape and firing position. The user is capable of altering the trajectory of the attack to the point that it can undergo several complex maneuvers, which can, in extreme cases, allow the user to strike more than one opponent with relative ease. Indeed, the speed settings are capable of being altered as well, though this is stuck to two settings. Version one causes the user to unleash a higher-velocity beam with enough momentum to breach weak defenses –even able to smash through steel and assorted metals- but in this case, the damage dealt to the target without penetrating their personal defense spells are significantly reduced due to the lower transference of magical power in the Magic Ray; though because of the high velocity of the attack, it's certain that it will reach its target. Version two is more like a classic "ki attack" from fiction, as the magical particles have less velocity, and while generally less penetrating, the particles quickly transfer their energy to the target upon contact, reverting to pure heat and destroying the target from within. Interestingly, Magic Ray has a special function—when using an elemental Lacrima as a medium to launch the spell, the composition of the spell reacts with the particular type of elemental magic contained within the Lacrima, allowing it to change into theoretically any elemental type; also giving Magic Ray a large type coverage. In addition, Magic Ray has been modified by the creator of the spell to attack the opponent from within in any form if a foolish Slayer attempts to devour it in any of its elemental forms, meaning the only way to properly defend against it is to use an actual magic.
  • Defenser (魔関 (ディフェンサー), Difensā lit. Magic Barrier) is a basic magic spell, and one of the first spells any magician learns—it, along with Magic Ray, are the two defining powers of a magician. When performing Defenser, the user releases their magical energy outwards, utilizing Shape Transformation in order to mold their energy into the form of a hexagonal structure that surrounds them—before their magical energy reacts with the ambient eternano saturated within the environment, solidifying the structure, causing it to take the form of a hexagonal barrier that surrounds the user's body which acts as a shield in order to defend against the attacks of the enemy. The shield itself is similar to a geodesic dome, made of tessellating hexagons. The shield protects against magic, bullets, explosions, and other projectiles—however, enemies are still capable of passing through it if they nullify their magic. Also, if Defenser successfully guards an attack, it unleashes a spray of light around the dome that does damage equal to the enemy's attack power to anything hit by the light. In fact all attacks can be reflected, with correct timing. The user can manipulate the barrier into a number of relatively simple forms: rectangular planes, cylinders, globes, domes, cones, etc; it is an extremely powerful form of defense. The complexity of the shape is limited by the user's ability to imagine, as in, mentally visualize a particular form and keep it in sharp mental focus: not even the user is able to see the forms that they create. The size of a given magical force projection is also limited by the user's ability to imagine. The smallest force projection they can visualize and maintain the visualization is the size of a marble. The largest solid force projection they can visualize and maintain is about one hundred feet in diameter. The user can project larger force-objects if they are hollow. For instance, they could visualize and project a dome one foot thick about a mile in diameter (five thousand, two hundred and eighty feet) and a dome one inch in thickness the user can project for about three point two miles. Small objects at high speeds become missiles; large objects at slow speeds become rams. The user can make these objects grow or shrink as desired. In any case, the barriers can be very complex and elaborate barriers, or very simple shaped barriers such as circles or squares. These barriers can also hide the presence of the things it coats or even make the target invisible. However, Defenser is slightly difficult to use has it can only manipulate so many magical particles at a time and it required precise timing—despite this, once the user gets the hang of casting Defenser, it will be incredibly simple to harness it in any way that they wish. However, despite being far more advanced than any other barrier, it still suffers from magical draining. The barrier can only be used for a total of one hundred and five seconds and requires one hundred and twenty seconds to cool down. If the user has no other defensive measures this leaves a window of fifteen seconds where they have no defense against attacks. A special trait of Defenser is that with any Elemental Magic, the user is capable of infusing their element into the barrier, granting it special properties that make Defenser an extremely versatile spell.
    • Defenser Counter: Defenser is also capable of being utilized as a form of counterattack, allowing the user to deliver damage to the attacker when the user is hit; essentially, it is just as it is labeled; a counterattack. When performing Defenser Counter, the user kicks Defenser away from them upon the moment of the spell being activated, before returning to them as magnetized. This serves not only as a reflector, but also as an unpredictable approach to opponents. If timed correctly, it will trip opponents, leaving them vulnerable to follow-up attacks. Upon contact with the opposing technique, Defenser reverses the opponent's attack, whether it be close-range or projectile, upon them, returning it to sender, causing the user to retaliate in any way that they wish as well. If the attack is a projectile, it will simply be deflected behind them and upwards at about a thirty degree angle. It's worth noting explosive projectiles can still explode and will still do damage if they are struck when the Defenser is dissipated. If the attack is a powerful spell such as a Secret Art, then the attacker will be knocked back at a ninety degree angle. The user is capable of leaping out of the counterattack, allowing them to take the opponent by surprise. Essentially, a Defenser, when used to counter, multiplies a spell or technique's damage by one point five percent when there is a successful counter. If a projectile is reversed several times, then this method of harnessing Defenser will be rendered null and void, as the user loses the energy to retain the stance, and the projectile just passes through the stance and damages the user normally. Defenser is capable of being used for regular offense, as with it, the user is capable of knocking their opponent downwards. Defenser, when used as a counterattack, weaker when used against airborne opponents, and doesn't become invincible. It can travel through enemies unhindered, though. However, since the user kicks it, they cannot hold it in place, meaning that timing is crucial in reflecting projectiles. Note that when Defenser comes back to the user, it can also reflect any projectiles back at any angle at the last second.

Lacrima Uses

Royal Knights of the Pergrande Kingdom come equipped with great amounts of Lacrima, this being one of their primary weapons, used to power up different spells as well as being used as ammo for guns or even power-ups for cold-steel weapons such as swords, scythes, spears and even halberds. Lacrima could be called the “battery” of the magical world even powering up machines. Lacrima can also be used on its one in a variety of ways, though it requires intelligence to be used as a mere animal would not be able to use it, needing human or artificial intelligence to be used properly. Lacrima can actually cause small-scale explosions that could be enough to do average damage to a building and to a person. For precaution Yuuki keeps his Lacrima crystals hidden with his Summon Magic.

Yuuki is truly a master at the use of Lacrima, recognized as one of the best knights for this. Due to him discovering multiple ways of using it. Such as combining Lacrima crystals with his magic spells, which is possible due to his mastery over magic itself, the former resulting in a power-up of sorts for his techniques enhancing them further. He can also use Lacrima either in powdered or crystalized form. Another way of using it is by combining it with his magical power to create elemental-type glyphs or supportive glyphs as well. Lacrima come in different colors each representing a different power, the ones Yuuki possesses are orange (fire), blue (ice), gray (storm), red (strength), green (wind), light blue (speed) and purple (defence)

He also found a way to install the lacrima into his blade, doing this simply by installing a gun-like chamber into Ascalon, which allows him to insert the lacrima crystals, when combining both of this, it allows him to be more powerful during combat due to the lacrima's destructive power, he can vary between lacrima crystals allowing more options during a fight. It should be noted that any technique he can do without Ascalon he can do with it.



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