Yuuko Tsukino
Yuuko Full
"Oh dear…"
Name Yuuko Tsukino.
Kanji 優子月野
Rōmaji Yūko Tsukino
Race Human.
Birthday July Twenty Ninth.
Age Twenty nine.
Gender Female.
Height Five, eleven.
Weight One hundred, forty.
Eyes Pink.
Hair Blonde.
Profession Traits.
Affiliation The Seven Swords of Chaos
Partner Ichigo.
Personal Traits.
Status Alive.
Marital Status In a romantical relationship with Violet.
Alias God Of Calamity.

(カラミティの神, Karamiti no kami) Mist.


Having frown up around the guild of The Seven Swords of Chaos, she is a master swordsman. She was given the title of "God of Calamity" for the raw destructive power she wields in combat; Usually fifth in the ranks of the Seven Swordsmen she is usually set out for missions that require "killing" or mass destruction. Usually setting off with her partner "Ichigo Yamakari". They are a perfect duo for Calamity.


Yuuko 01

Her Basic appearance.

Yuuko has pale pink skin. Her eyes are a darker pink. She often wears a greyish black 


Her parents raised her to be a good sparring partner for the Swordsmen for The Seven Swords of Chaos. Soon after they begun training, her parents realized that she had amazing reflexes, surpassing her parents in swordplay. A few years later, she joined the guild, other members usually laughed at her for being a young girl. When they sparred, she quickly surpassed most. Then when the Seven Swordsmen formed; She joined them. A great honor indeed. She was treated better ever since.

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