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Zoka sanshin
Zōka Sanshin

造化 三 神


Zōka Sanshin

Parent Magic

Izanagi Magic Seals


Atrax Noctua

Zōka Sanshin (造化 三 神 lit. Three Gods of Creation) is a Tenjho Class Spell of the Izanagi Magic Seals of the Chaos Arts.


Atrax claims this to be his most powerful spell as well as an advanced Amatsu-Mikaboshi. The genesis of the spell begins with the formation of a small sphere of quintessent magic, or æther, between Atrax's palms. The sphere is then released, and as it is, three magic seals form around it in a triangle shape pattern, causing the sphere to expand and burst, instantly reaching max size. The æther, by its very nature, creates voids in all that is exposed to it, quickly dematerializing the exposed objects.

This spell devours a great amount of magic energy, no matter how the user attempts to execute it, as it only takes one form. As a result, the spell can only be executed as a last resort, even in powered-up states such as August Eminence.

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