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Zade Dhampir
Name Zade Dhampir
Race Vampire
Birthday August 5
Age Appears 16(Really 266)
Gender Male
Height 170cm
Weight 58kg
Eyes Unknown
Hair Blonde
Blood Type O
Unusual Features Sharp teeth
Professional Status
Affiliation Night Falchion Guild
Previous Affiliation Fell Phoenix Guild
Occupation Mage
Previous Occupation None
Team Zade And Cirque
Partner Cirque D'Luna
Base of Operations Night Falchion Guild
Personal Status
Relatives Cirque D'Luna(Master; Attachment)
Marital Status Unknown
Magic Blood Magic, Various

Zade Dhampir is a mage of the Night Falchion Guild. He is a vampire summoned an attached to Cirque D'Luna, meaning that he is reliant on her to survive. He is a powerful mage, and has lived for 2 centuries, and thus has learned quite a few different magics, in addition to his Blood Magic.


Zade has shaggy blonde hair that hangs in front of his face, constantly hiding his eyes from view. He wears a striped black and gray shirt, along with black pants. He wears an open black jacket, as well as a tiara on his head. He is almost always seen with a large grin on his face, showing off his fangs and sharp teeth.


Zade is very battle-thirsty, enjoying the thrill of any and all fights. His favorite method is to use only part of his strength then let them mount a comeback, giving them false hope before unleashing on them, crushing said hope. He is able to control this lust for battle when viewing others' fights that he is aware he shouldn't get involved in. Outside of battle, he is a sarcastic individual, but he will respect those of higher authority, including his Master. Despite being sarcastic, he is not entirely rude to people he has never met before(Assuming they don't give him a reason to do so). He also enjoys casual hobbies, and is part of several of his guild's more "domestic" groups, such a knitting and cooking(and in fact is one of the best cooks in the guild).

He also is hard to anger, but several things can set him off. Some more comedic ones are people smoking(as he has seen it harm people quite frequently and makes their blood "taste bitter"), and people eating his food before he can finish setting the plates. His more serious one is that he is fiercely protective and loyal to Cirque, and as such does not like people upsetting her. He can tell when they have good intentions however, and lets that slide. When someone genuinely upsets or puts her in danger, he flies into a rage, tearing said person apart.


Despite using magic, he at times prefers to just use his knives. They are sharp enough to cut through fortified steel, and he can use his telekinesis to levitate them.

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