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"Pay attention guys, cause this is what a true wizard can do"
Zanto to a bunch of wizard thugs

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Zanto Shima

ザント シマ


Shima Zanto




Male Male






November 24

Hair Color


Eye Color


Professional Status

3.1 Guild Mark Warrior Angel Guild

Guild Mark Location

Right Shoulder


Potential S Class Mage


Team Ragnarok


Cazzar Scorn
Kaitlin Kumo
Ren Kurushimi

Base of Operations

Warrior Angel Guild Hall

Personal Status



Ice Magic
Ice Dragon Slayer Magic

Zanto Shima (ザント シマ Shima Zanto): is a member of the Warrior Angel Guild and is one of the S Class Candidates who has a chance of becoming the next S Class Wizard. He had a Dragon Lacrima implanted into his body when he was a younger that allowed him to use Ice Dragon Slayer Magic making him a Second Generation Dragon Slayer. He is the leader of Team Ragnarok.


Zanto is a tall, muscular man with red hair and amber eyes. His red hair is kept short, ruffled, and spiked, with two strands of hair near the opposite sides of his head falling over his face, as well as distinct sideburns. Even at a young age, there have been light creases under his eyes, which he still has. He is commonly seen with a cigarette in his mouth. His red colored guild mark is on his right shoulder

He wears a black, leather jacket with a fur collar and a white V-neck underneath. He wears dark blue, denim jeans held up by a simple brown belt, with a silver chain attached from the belt to his back pocket, additionally with black shoes to top off the rest of his outfit. Zanto also wears other jewelry pieces with his clothes, primarily silver: a silver ring, and a star-shaped necklace. He also has a piercing in his left ear.


Zanto is an extremely laid-back and calm man, usually maintaining a very stern, serious, and distanced personality. He is always seen with a cautious, observing expression on his face which seems to be the only emotion that he often feels comfortable showing. Outside of situations where he feels confident in battle, he tends to smile or laugh the least out of the Warrior Angel members and rarely fools around with the rest of the guild, however in rare times where he tends to get into arguments with his guild mates which will often result in fighting them. Instead, he usually smirks when he's confident in a fight or pleased that a plan went as intended. Even in moments that are particularly tough on the guild and would warrant sadness, Zanto chooses to maintain a quiet solemnity rather than outwardly express his emotions. He usually doesnt fight for revenge, believe to a degree that these emotions can hinder his judgement and instead fights in their stead. Despite this assertion, though, the only exception being those of closes friends once they've been brutally beaten. Although Zanto cares for his guild mates, he can also come off as a very blunt and cold person, especially when he is trying to get his point across. He also often reminds others of the harsh facts, which often shocks some of the other guild members, although they usually decide he is right in the end. This is especially true in regards to strangers, as Zanto rarely shows much trust in others without understanding them entirely.

Despite Zanto's terse and rather unkind demeanor towards others, he still retains strong compassion and kindness to those who have gained his acknowledgment where he will tend to assist them every now and then. He also has a very kind heart, as he was willing to risk his life for the sake of a stranger he did not know shortly after his introduction and protect them from certain danger, he is even willing to go out of his way to care for their well being. When fighting weaker or innocent people, he does try to hold back when fighting and doesn't rely on his magic to fight or if he does uses it to restrain them rather then attack in order not to seriously injure them. He is a honorable man who refuses to take credit from others' actions. In general, Zanto seems to have little regard for fame, stating that he was not interested in what people thought of him when they wrote about him on Sorcerer Weekly Magazine. A rarely seen aspect of his kindness is that he strongly detests evil individuals with extreme cruelty towards the innocent. He is also very humble when it comes to receiving gratitude from others whenever he saves people even turning down a reward from a job knowing that the client needed it more.

He is also very loyal to the Warrior Angel Guild as he will stand by his Guild Master, Tristan Scalibur's decisions regardless of whether he personally agrees or not, stepping in only to point out the seriousness of a situation where it has been overlooked by his guild mates. He cares deeply for his guild mates and wishes to protect them at all cost, only stepping into their fight when his friends are in imminent danger of losing their lives

He has a strong sense of leadership and reasoning. Demonstrating his leadership of Team Ragnarok. He is able to quickly take charge of a situation and deploy orders to his team accordingly in which case his companions listen to his orders without question, even his best friend, Cazzar Scorn, who has the same rank as Zanto. Having formed his team since the very beginning of joining the guild, they have the most chemistry out of every other members in the guild. Due to this fact he is very protective towards them as he takes the responsibility of their lives on his shoulders. His commanding leadership over his team often leads to him assuming command over the guild along with Esca Merle in dire situations

Zanto is very confident in his abilities to the point where he might come of as being a bit cocky. He has been absurdly reckless in the face of major battles, often at the cost of his own well-being. He prefers to fight one on one regardless of whether he's in any condition or not except when he is work with his team. He has a more bold attitude when faced against those who have shown cruelty to innocent people whether if their strong or weak and can also allow his temper to get the better of him and attack in a rash fit of rage, completely ignoring the consequences of his actions. He also regularly resorts to drastic measures to solve simple problems so they don't end up becoming life changing later on. He is also very perceptive, something he demonstrates by providing important and logical decisions at critical times and by evaluating the situation from an objective point of view. When an average human has the intention of fighting Zanto, his glare alone is usually enough to make them back off. He also has a habit of smiling in satisfaction whenever he faces a particularly skilled opponent, which often unnerves both friend and foe alike. However, he will still maintain his stern demeanor during the thrill of combat if the stakes are high enough.

Zanto shows little interest or attraction to women. Causing him to not be enticed or won over by the beauty or charms of the women in the guild. This apparently is one of the main reasons why he has yet to notice Kaitlin Kumo affection for him nor why he doesn't share his the same way.

Being a fellow Dragon Slayer Zanto suffers from severe motion sickness. Zanto becomes sick from riding on any forms of transportation and once that happens he is incredibly weak. This, however, does not apply to any of his friends, as he considers them a friend, not transportation.


in the search for the guild he accidentally bumped into a girl. The girl was about the same age as Zanto and was being accompanied by a black, talking cat at her side. Zanto was amazed to see a cat walking on two legs and talking like a human, he then said he was sorry to the girl for bumping into her. It turns out she was looking for the guild as well and introduced herself as Kaitlin Kumo with her trusted partner and friend Spade. They both agreed to find the guild together and began chatting with each other as they go and look for it. After hours of looking they had no luck and questioned if there was actually a guild in this city, Zanto asked one of the citizens and was informed that the guild wasn't in the city but was located just outside of it and went to go find it. On the way he and Kaitlin had become best friends despite just meeting hours ago.

They had finally made it to the powerful guild they were looking for, Warrior Angel and was amazed by how many powerful wizard were in the guild. They then met a man with blonde hair with a blue jacket, he introduced himself as Tristan Scalibur the master of the guild and welcomed the two with open arms. Despite his young age Zanto was accepted into the guild along with Kaitlin and Spade. Zanto asked Tristan about the lacrima he found with his dad wondering what kind of lacrima it is. Tristan informed him that its a rare type of lacrima that can give the user dragon slayer magic. Zanto was amazed at this information and questioned if he really wanted to use it. After a while of think he decided to use it and implanted it into his body. After it was implanted, Zanto could instantly feel his newly gained incredible power and his new magic Ice Dragon Slayer Magic.

About a few weeks have passed after they both settled into their new places Zanto and Kaitlin continue to hang out a lot; not knowing anyone else in the guild quite yet until a boy about their age walked up to them and introduced himself as Ren Kurushimi and the three of them got along great with each other. It wasn't long until the three decided to form a team together named Team Ragnarock and Kaitlin nominated Zanto to be their leader which Zanto accepted.

Not long after that Zanto and the team encountered their first member of the Potential S Class rank Cazzar Scorn who was a little older then Zanto was and when they first laid eyes on each other Zanto wanted to test out his power against his. Cazzar was interested and accepted his challenge and engaged each other in combat. After an intense battle the two were seen laying down on the ground in exhaustion. Out of no where Cazzar began laughing which made Zanto laugh and the two became great friends. Cazzar ended up joining the team and became friends with all the rest of the members.

3 years went by and Master Tristan announced Zanto as the newest Potential S Class Wizard just like Cazzar and much to his amazement he was then given a new purpose which was to become stronger then everyone else and to be the next S Class Wizard.

2 years past and Zanto has meet all the members of Warrior Angel and has become its loyal and powerful member. around this time Zanto began taking solo jobs and just recently took a job about a magical creature causing chaos in a town far away from the guild and went on the accomplish it by himself.

Magic and Abilities

Ice Magic: Ice Magic allows Zanto to create and control the element of ice in vast quantities, and due to this, has resistance towards cold, being able to move around in cold environments with barely any protection. An inherent property of the magic, Zanto can instantly freeze anything that comes in contact with them, whether he grabs onto the foe or the foe makes contact with his body, and is even capable of freezing his surroundings. With his great mastery of ice spells, he has proven himself capable of freezing even fire or other burning effect magic's. As every ice user has a difference color of ice, Zanto's ice is unique as it appears as a bright red color.

  • Cold Resistance: Ice Magic's most basic defense, as an Ice user, Zanto is an individual resistant to cold and as such is able to take damage from ice and snow-based attacks without sustaining major injury and is either completely immune to snow based attacks or is more resilient to it than other people.
  • Freeze: Ice Magic's most basic, yet one of its most useful capabilities is that of covering everything Zanto comes into contact with into ice. This comes in useful for a variety of purposes, from damaging opponents to making things composition weaker in order to more easily break them. What can be frozen depends on the user's own ability; Zanto, with his great mastery of Ice Magic, has proven himself capable of freezing even burning things 
  • Ice Clone: Zanto Creates a copy of himself made out of ice. The copy is perfectly identical to him, being revealed as made of ice only after a close, careful inspection, and thus coming in useful to avoid enemy attacks or to create a distraction for Zanto to attack on his own
  • Ice Cloak: Zanto Covers himself in ice when being hit an enemy attack. The ice lowers the damage Zanto would've taken however it has not proven to be the best case as shown when Zanto used to defend against a powerful wizards attack but still ended up taking great damage

Ice Dragon Slayer Magic: Zanto is adept with his Dragon Slayer Magic and makes use of it in many different ways in combat. As with all Dragon Slayers, he can consume his respective element, with the exception of that which he has created, to replenish his energy reserves. He incorporates the ice he creates into his fighting style, greatly increasing the damage of his blows. As such, his Magic revolves around the usage of ice that can sprout from any part of his body. His ability to eat ice gives him immunity to most types of cold elements, including snow, and allows him to spew ice from his lungs. This fire is exceptionally strong and much colder then ordinary ice being able to freeze fire solid and puncture through metal. He can even use the slippery effect of his ice to increase his agility and momentum. The type of ice he uses can be shaped into different forms almost similar to Ice-Make but still connected to his body in some way. Many ice wizards have a different color of ice but Zanto has a unique type of ice for its color appears as bright red which is sometimes mistaken as frozen blood. Unlike his guild mates Hino and Kaitlin, Zanto was not raised or trained by a dragon but instead his magic derives from a Dragon Slayer Lacrima which he obtained when he was a child and later implanted it inside his body making him a Second Generation Dragon Slayer.

  • Ice Dragon Roar: Zanto, after inhaling, releases a large blizzard of cold air, ice and (seemingly) snow from his mouth, directing it towards an area of their choosing. The blizzard inflicts great damage upon those it contacts, causing everyone unable to resist it to be sent flying away with great force, as well as leaving behind a trail of destruction in its wake, heavily damaging the area it passes through.
  • Ice Dragon Claw: Zanto jumps and lifts his feet and encases ice from his foot the moment the leg is swung down at the target. It also increases the power of his kick.
  • Ice Dragon Talons: Zanto encases his finger tips in sharpened ice and uses them to quickly slash his opponents.
  • Ice Dragon Fist: Zanto focuses his magic around his fist enveloping it in an aura of ice and snow. The following punch is far more powerful than an average punch.
  • Ice Dragon Lance: Zanto creates an orb of magical energy in his hand, and he then fires several lances in the direction of his opponent at a high speed.
    • Grand: Zanto is able to form a single lance which is lager and faster than his standard Ice Dragon Lance and launch it at the target dealing greater damage. He usually uses this variation at a point blank range taking advantage of is greater strength.
    • Twin Barrel: Zanto is able to fire Ice Dragon Lance from both hands, increasing the odds of landing solid blows. He usually uses this variation on faster opponents to make it more likely to land a solid blow.
  • Ice Dragon Stalagmites: After encasing his hands in ice, Zanto slames them into the ground. This causes stalagmites to rise from the ground in a cone area in front of Zanto.
  • Ice Dragon Sword: Zanto covers his forearm down to his hand in ice that forms into a blade which is able to swiftly cut down opponents. The blade is strong enough to assist Zanto in blocking attacks and is able to slice threw solid rock.
  • Ice Dragon Freezing Smash: One of Zantos powerful attacks. Zanto releases large amount of ice from both his hands and smashes them onto the target encasing them in ice while also smashing them into the ground. They are then trapped in a shell of ice unable to move until the ice is broken.
  • Dragon Slayer Secret Art:
    • Zanto

      Crimson Cryosphere: Infinite Blizzard

      Crimson Cryosphere: Infinite Blizzard: One of Zanto's most powerful attacks. Zanto releases ice from both his hands. He then releases red snow out of his hands and covers and surounds a wide area around him in a blizzard storm trapping him and his target inside. He then focuses his power from his hands and hold his hands out towards the target and a magic circle appears on his hands. A blast of red snow is then fired out of the circle and attacking the target dealing countless barrage of damage.
    • Azero

      Crimson Cryosphere: Absolute Zero

      Crimson Cryosphere: Absolute Zero: One of Zanto's most powerful attacks and his own ace in the hole. he focuses a large amount of magic energy to his fist encasing it in his red ice. Once this happens Zanto charges at the target to punch the opponent where they will be consumed in ice until they are frozen solid. The ice is then shattered dealing them great damage while pushing them backwards. This can also be quite dangerous for the ice might be able to freeze them to the point of death so Zanto will only uses this spell on opponents when he is given no choice.

Zanto's Dragon Dance

Dragon Dance: Zanto is able to achieve a power similar to Dragon Force by tapping in to the lacrima inside his body. He then gains a large boost of incredible power and speed to attack his opponent, however prolonged use of Dragon Dance has shown to put a large strain on Zanto's body making him exhausted, his Dragon Dance will the forcefully shut itself off from the exhaustion leaving him in his weakened condition.

Enhanced Strength: After the Dragon Slayer Lacrima was implanted Zanto noticed his strength had vastly increased from before the implant. Zanto has proven to be one of the strongest members in the Warrior Angel Guild only being out done by Atom Longside and Zora Halo.

Immense Reflexes: Zanto has extremely fast reflexes being able to dodge attacks with relatively easily. He has also proven to be able to block swift attacks with relative ease and manage to counter before the target can relies.

Immense Durability: Zanto has proven himself to be incredibly durable. He has on several occasions been able to fight after being hit by his opponents powerful spells and still keep fighting. His strong will keeps him fighting with just a few moments of rest.

Immense Endurance: Zanto has been shown to possess a vast amount of physical endurance. Zanto has proven this on several occasions when he has been able to fight several strong opposition one after another despite the amount of injuries he has taken in those fights.

Immense Magic Power: As one of the Potential S Class wizards Zanto possesses an incredible level of Magic Power. His magic power makes him one of the powerful wizards in the guild. This allows him to use various attacks despite the number of battles he has been in. Zanto's magic manifest in a red aura much like the color of his ice.

  • 14.6 Shock Wave

    Zanto's Shock Wave

    Shock Wave: Much like Zora Halo, Zanto is able to release his magical energy from his body to make a shockwave. Unlike Zora however, Zanto's shockwave is much shorter in range but almost equal in strength. The Shockwave is able to blow away any incoming targets breaking the ground in the process.

Master Hand to Hand Combatant: Zanto possesses great skill in hand-to-hand combat using a verity of punches, kicks, elbow strikes, and knee strikes. He is able to fight dozens of opponents at once and match blow for blow with even the most accomplished of fighters. Zanto is able to quickly adapt to his opponents fighting style and is able to use that to gain the advantage.


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