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Zerefism (ゼレフィスム, Zerefisumu) is idealistically, a universal belief shared amongst any types of mages alike to spread the unwanted need of chaos into the world. They would believe that what choices people make in life isn't decided by neither good nor bad. This was because it is all started with the origin of the One Magic leading down the path to chaos, bringing into existence such as many different mages, and magics. In other words, believing that creation came to being because of the start of destruction originated from the ancient era very long ago back when Zeref was the first who has once thrown the world into the midst of chaos. As long as chaos continue to exist in Earth Land and Edolas, the natural order of the One Magic will always have two separate halves of a greater whole. With Earth Land and Edolas existing in different plane, the ideal belief strives further between the two coming to conflicts for Magic. It is a war-like competition of who is blessed with more Magics in their world and would battle it out to fight for their own equal shares of such magical power.

In the case of a religious cult guild, Avatar, on the other hand, they would worshiped not only their so-called God, Zeref alone, but as well as the art of Black Magic. As a result, these kinds of mages were not tolerated by the Magic Council and to be criminally labeled as Zerefists (ゼレフィスツ, Zerefisutsu). Desirably so, the Zerefists would also lay their own lives down all so in order for the sake of worshiping Zeref via rituals, sacrifices, etc. The Zerefists' variety of methods would well-correlate with one of their many objectives on creating an Etherious demon of their own standard in order to killed Zeref himself. Whereas Zeref has long since cursed himself for the immortality thrown at him, the religious path of Zerefism has opened up the eyes of loyal Zerefists to begin carrying out the wish in his stead. Most likely so, the Zerefists are the kind of mages who has a idealistic goal not theirs alone to follow, but seeking to conquer the world in Zeref's name and their usage of his Black Magic. From a Zerefist's personal point of view, they see their religion, Zerefism as any more or less like a valuable life lesson of philosophy to them all and something that cannot be easily forsaken.

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