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"I heard stories from my mother about Sky Dragon Slayers and Sky God Slayers, but do you know who is the real master of the skies? The answer is me the Sky Phoenix Slayer!"
— Zeru tells ther rest of Crime Zero

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Zeru is an 13 year old boy and a member of Crime Zero a group of individuals led by Sin. He uses Sky Phoenix Slayer Magic, that he learned from his mother.


Zeru is a short boy with a very slim build. He has brown her that slightly covers his face. He wears a white sleeveless shirt, brown pants, and now shoes (stating how they are uncomfortable). He has a strange tatoo on his right arm that covers about 35% of it.


Zeru has been shown to be a very  immature and headstrong child. He acts out on emotion quite often, and usually gets upset if he loses a battle. He likes to believe that he is some kind of "hero", and gets mad if he is not included in things, such as battle strategies.

His over all personality is a open one. He can be called cheerful, and somewhat care-free. He is shown to care deeply about his friends, and will go out of his way to protect them from harm, and becomes quite upset if any of them are hurt, especially Ayane. He has been shown to be overly protective of her, as well as very affectionate towards her.

He was raised in the wild so he seems more animal then human. Like most animals Zeru is also very terriorial, believing that if it has his scent that it belongs to him, because of this reason her constantly leaves his mark (ie by urunating or placing his saliva on it) on anything he likes. Another animal trait he has is his disturbing lack of hygiene. Zeru will run, roll, play, and even sleep in dirt, mud, or any other germ filled area, he'll then stay in his state of filth until female members of Crime Zero forcefully bath him. He is rather goo at gathering food as well as identifying what is poisonous and what's not, a skill that comes hin handy when Crime. Zero is forced to camp out in the wilderness. He doesn't like cloths very much stating how they are too tight ans he feels like he's being choked. As such any chance he can he will try to run around in nothing but his boxers or in the nude. Another habbit the female members of Crime Zero are trying to fix.


Magic and Abilities

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