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Zeshin Kagekaze
Name Zeshin Kagekaze
Kanji Unknown
Rōmaji Kagekaze Zeshin
Race Human
Birthday 10th of August
Age 21
Gender Male
Height 6'3
Weight 89kg
Eyes Dark-brown
Hair Green
Blood Type B-
Unusual Features Keeps several swords on his person at all times
Professional Status
Occupation Bounty Hunter
Previous Occupation None
Team None
Partner None
Base of Operations All over Fiore
Personal Status
Relatives Unknown
Alias Blade Devil
Magic Sword Magic
Zeshin Kagekaze is currently one of the few Requip users seen in Fiore; his provess of it is concidered to be very impressive and when coupled with his usage of other forms of magic has made him into one of the most successful Bounty Hunters in the Country - he very rarely leaves his assignments unfinished for long.

Zeshin is most respected for his skill in swordsmanship though - his skill being compared to combatants such as Ikaruga and Erza Scarlet.



Zeshin's general appearance

nding quite tall; Zeshin has a tendency of towering over most of his opponents and allies and can easily be distinquished in a crowd if need be, outwardly, he's got green, spikish hair and dark-brown eyes. Zeshin has a tendency of sleazily slouching from place to place with his hands firmly tucked in his pockets - this veneer of laziness can easily confuse opponents who doesn't know who he is and thus result in a quick execution by direct extension.

Zeshin commonly dresses in a rather simple attire, consisting of a dark-blue tank top, black pants and dark leather boots for easy movement; he also has a couple of googles strapped across his forehead which are designed to weaken and perhaps outright dispel illusions, depending on their given power and the caster in question.

Zeshin also invariably keeps several swords on his person at all times; and he has three interlocked scabbards which he keeps on his left hip for easy access - this is something that knowledgeable would-be targets have come to identify him by and when they see them, they usually flee or, if they are particularily bold or particularily dumb, they attack him eitherway.


Zeshin is, as his slouching and sleazy self would suggest a rather lazy and careless person; he makes it a point not to give a care of anything and the only form of action he does frequently is excersising and training himself to be a better swordsman.

Zeshin does however seem to take his missions very seriously and he's known to pursue his targets tirelessly over vast distances, rarely leaving his assignments unfinished for long - he's also known to take care of anyone associated with his target in the effort of possibly earning more money by bringing them in as well: While Zeshin heavily dislikes having to keep his opponents alive, he does so if need be in order to get a full bounty.



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