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"Strength isn't gained by power or battles, it comes from the bonds we share as a guild. Friendship and trust, that's the true meaning of strength."
Zora Halo

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Zora Halo

ゾーラ ハロ


Zoora Haro


Angels Knight (アンジェルス クニト Anjerusu Kunito)




Male Male






March 26

Hair Color


Eye Color


Professional Status

2. Warrior Angel Guild Mark Warrior Angel Guild
Ten Wizard Saints Symbol BD1 Ten Wizard Saints

Guild Mark Location

Back Left Hand


S Class Mage
Wizard Saint


Team Warrior Angel
Team Zora


Yoko Inari
Atom Longside (temporary)

Base of Operations

Warrior Angel Guild Hall

Personal Status





Diamond Magic

Zora Halo (ゾーラ ハロ Zoora Haro) Is one of the S Class wizards of the Warrior Angel Guild and the current Guild Ace. He is also an honorable member of the Ten Wizard Saints, one of the most powerful wizards in the continent. He is known throughout the continent as the Angels Knight. He is the next in line of becoming the next guild master following after Tristan Scalibur.

Born into the noble house of the Halo Family one of the Three Great Noble Clans, Zora is the second oldest son and third child heir to the noble family, thus making him a prince of the Sunvale Kingdom until he denounced his family name and fled the kingdom due to his fathers abusive cruelty.


Zora appears as a young man with blue eyes and short spiky hair that flows backwards and spiky bangs that cover the forehead with strips of spiky hair that goes down to the chin. He always has a serious, but calm face and whenever he's happy he mostly just grins, he's been that way ever since he was a child. He is thought of as handsome to most of the girls.  

He is almost six feet tall with a toned and muscular body. He always wears a black unbuttoned jacket with the buttons folded outwards towards the shoulders with a gray, unzipped hooded jacket underneath, underneath all that is a plain white T-shirt tucked under his dark blue pants with a black belt and a golden buckle. 

On the back of his right hand is his blue colored guild mark. In his right pocket of his black jacket is a black, open finger glove with the Ten Wizard Saints emblem on the back of it, he likes to keep it in the pocket, but puts it on when he's going to fight at full strength.


IMG 0522

Zora getting angry over his guild mate being beaten badly

Zora is serene and laid-back, he doesn't usually get phased by everything that is happening around him and never shows any kind of worry or concern. He always keeps a calm face even in battle. He doesn't talk very much about himself and he keeps his emotions bottled up inside to show his brave side. He is kind and respectful to others but he doesn't get close to them as friends for worry that they might get hurt. He cares about others and tries to protect them wether its humans or creatures which is why he is devoted to his guild and everyone in it. He will get angry should one of teammates get tortured in battle, however he will keep a level head and not attack recklessly. He tends to avoid arguments if at all possible knowing it would eventually lead to a fight. There are times when he can lose cool for unexpected moments and get embarrassed when he has to do something humiliating such as taking care of Sabers egg, or get dumbfounded when his guild mates does something crazy.

Zora likes to relax and lay in his favorite spot in the grass outside the back of the guild hall and listening to the sound of nature. Zora lives with the guilt of accidentally killing his closets friends Annie and Devon and has given up fighting entirely because of it, unless it means protecting himself Zora will fight back, however he has sworn to never use his magic no matter the circumstances. Should he be forced to fight he will try to end the fight quickly to avoid hurting anyone or block and evade their attacks, whenever he gets into a fight in a forest with animals around him he will either cleverly lead the fight away or end it quickly. He is considered greatest rival with Atom Longside even though he refuses saying he's not interested in fighting anyone, but Atom will always attack him anyways forcing Zora to defend himself, no matter how many times they fight there has never been a clear winner. When he fights, Zora prefers his fights one on one just like every other member of the guild and will never intervene his comrades fights, however he is always ready to step in when he has to in order to protect them. He is always the one stopping the hot headed guild members from doing something without thinking of the consequences by forcing them to stop. Zora sees a lot of himself in Zanto Shima and doesn't want to see him lose his friends like he did.

He is a member of the Ten Wizard Saints. He is also known very well as an extremely brilliant wizard and holds the title as the strongest wizard in his guild. He is most likely going to be the next guild master should the current guild master Tristan Scalibur ever retire or pass away, however, considering the masters youth and powerful abilities it is least likely that will ever happen. Despite his guild mates wanting to claim his title of strongest in the guild for themselves they view him as an inspiration and the last hope to protect the guild. During his adventures if he manages to come across anyone who is having trouble with a situation or if he feels something is wrong with them then he'll holt his travels to help them out with everything, this is partly the reason why he was chosen by the Magic Council to become a Wizard Saint

Zora is always accompanied by his Exceed partner Saber, even though he chooses not to get to close to anyone as his friends, he seems to have a soft spot for Saber. He always accompanies him on missions but just like everyone else he meets he doesn't want to get too close to him as friends, however Saber doesn't care and keeps following him anyways, Zora didn't want Saber to follow him so he kept telling to stop following him but Saber wouldn't stop, eventually he gave up and stopped telling Saber and lets him follow. Zora cares a lot about nature and animals and wants to protect them, if an animal is about to get attacked he will not hesitate to jump and save it, this is probably why he is soft on Saber in letting him follow him.</span> Whenever he gets into a fight, he is mostly concerned with Saber getting to a safe distance, no matter what he thinks or says its clear that he truly cares about Saber and thinks of him as his best friend and vowed to protect him no matter what.

After he first met Yoko Inari Zora sees no problem in having her tag along in his travels although Saber is worried of her predatory side coming lose and attacking them from behind however Zora wasn't worried he showed no signs of cautions or even a hint of worry. As time went on Saber grew to like Yoko and Zora as he was being teased by her and tried to get on his nerves he was serene ever time, nothing phased him. He treated her no different then his guild mates and Saber and tried not to get to close as friends but he helped her when ever she needed it and looked out for her. In battle he still follows his guilds rules and lets Yoko fight alone and watches her as she fights although she hates it when he does that, however he intervenes before she is given a knock out blow and not a minute later.  


Zora's history is unknown, but before he joined Warrior Angel he was a wandering wizard who traveled all over Fiore for reasons unknown from the ages of 8 to 15 years old. 


Zora after joining Warrior Angel

At age 16 he eventually made his way to Deltra City looking for a place to eat and rest. As he was walking he bumped into by a young girl about his age named Annie who seemed to be in a hurry. Annie rubbed her head and quickly got up and bowed down saying sorry. Zora rubbed his head from the pain as well and was shocked and speechless upon seeing the bowing girls her appearance. He tried to say something but kept stuttering, Annie looked confused but was interrupted when a boy named Devon was calling her running from behind. Devon looked about his age as well. Annie complained to Devon for being to slow when Devon responded saying he isn't as energized as Annie is. As they were talking Zora looked at Amy as his shocked expression then faded back to his usual expression. The two stopped their side conversation to introduce themselves which made Zora introduced himself back. Devon asked if Zora was new to town since he hasn't seen him around town until now. Zora replied that he just came in for a place to spend the night. Annie grabbed his arm and said that he should visit the guild hall. Zora was then confused by what she meant. Devon interrupted her saying their both members of the wizard guild Warrior Angel. Annie complained to Devon saying that she was about to say that if he didn't interrupted her, the two began their said arguments until Zora interrupted them saying he would like to see what a guild is about while acting cool in front of them. Annie cheered for joy and grabbed Zora's arm and raced to the guild hall leaving Devon to walk back by himself.

They eventually made their way to the guild hall where Annie introduced it with pride, not far away was Devon exhausted from the run he did by himself to catch up to them. They made their way into the guild and as they walked in Zora looked around aimlessly, intrigue by it. They eventually made their way to the guild masters chair where they introduced Zora to Master Tristan Scalibur. Tristan welcomed him with a friendly smile saying its pleasure it him. Zora scanned him wondering if he was a strong wizard, he then replied saying its an honor to meet him. Tristan asked what brought him to the city, Zora responded saying that he has been traveling the country for a couple years. Tristan was intrigued, the fact that a young boy has been traveling by himself with no problem means he must be a skilled child. Tristan asked if he would like to join Warrior Angel which made Annie jump for excitement and begged Zora to say yes, Devon agreed and also begged but not as much as Annie. Zora looked at Annie who was giving him a cute looking face that Zora just couldn't resist but say to say yes. Annie cheered for joyed as Devon smiled and laughed.

Zora was given his guild mark and as he looked at his mark and was looking conflicted. Tristan watched him in worry, hoping he would grow up to loving the guild. He then made him an offer, he told Zora that he can fight anyone in the guild that he wishes hoping it would get his mind off of what he's thinking. Annie cheered of excitement saying it would be a great idea. Devon thought it was a good idea as well for they get a chance to see what Zora's made of. Zora agreed to the offer and scanned around the room to see what wizard he will face. Zora was still curious of how strong the guild master was so he chose him to be his first opponent. The news shocked everyone in the guild and made them laugh saying he doesn't stand a chance against the master, which angered Annie and Devon, Annie yelled in anger at them for insulting her new friend but they still laughed. Tristan agreed to Zora's challenge and escorted him to a stadium outside the back of the guild hall. No one but Annie and Devon came out to watch the fight saying they already know who's gonna win and said that runt doesn't stand a chance, which made Annie puff her checks with a grumpy face and slammed the door close. Before the battle started Zora could see a man on the second floor of the building watching from a window, he could figure out who it was for he could only see a shadowy figure. When the battle started both wizards attack with their own spells trying to get the other off guard. Zora evaded nearly every attack Tristan fired while Tristan blocked his attacks and destroyed them. The battle was intense with neither one landing an attack, but Tristan managed to surprise Zora by camouflaging himself in his magic attacks and slashed Zora with his Heleos Blade, The sword destroyed Zora's defenses and send Zora flying, but then as he got up the two charged each other for one final attack, however the fight was interrupted by a women who came rushing outside calling the master. She informed him of a last minute guild masters meeting so the fight had be put to a draw. Zora was amazed of how strong Tristan was but he got a feeling he was holding back, so he vowed to train until he is a match for him.

A year later Zora and Devon have gotten closer as friends while he and Annie were both developing a crush on each other but neither would admit it. One day Zora decided to go on a mission, Annie and Devon begged to come with him but Zora thinks it'll be to dangerous so Annie made a cute begging face that he couldn't resist and said sure. When they finally made it to the town for their job they eventually came across a powerful dark wizard with Reflector Magic. He has proven to be to strong for Devon and Annie, Devon was seriously injured so Annie stayed with him to care for him leaving Zora to fight the wizard by himself. Zora unleashed all kinds of attacks on him but the dark wizard kept deflecting them. The dark wizard was so intimidating that he recklessly fired his magic without thinking causing the dark guild wizard to use that to his advantage and reflect it towards his comrades. Zora tried to save them only to have the dark wizard attack him, preventing him from saving his friends. Zora watched as Annie and Devon were killed from his attack. Zora yelled in frustration to have failed to protect his friends, and the dark wizard, who thinks have caused enough damage, fled away never to have been seen again. Days later on a rainy day he returned to guild hall, devastated about what happened, he told everyone about it which brought tears to everyone eyes, however no one blamed it on Zora. Zora on the other hand put the blame all to himself and vowed to never use his magic ever again.

About a year later he quickly rose as the guilds S Class Wizard along with a wizard named Atom Longside who, was S Class before Zora even came into the guild. Although Atom didn't even respect that Zora became an S Class quicker than he did and hasn't considered him as a rival yet. Zora went on several S Class missions, so he can earn cash to live his life, he finished them all with perfect success and without any casualties and injuries towards himself or the clients and civilians all without using his magic. The Magic Council was amazed by his skills not to mention if he did use his magic the results would have been even greater so a year later on his 18th birthday one of the council members arrived at the guild hall and announced him as a member of the Ten Wizard Saints when he heard this news he was shocked in amazement and accepted the title. Everyone was amazed to hear the news except for Atom who wasn't happy about it.

2 years later he was relaxing on the meadow grass outside the guild near the forest when he saw an egg falling from the sky to the forest nearby and quickly went to check it out. When he got to the egg he saw the egg was hanging from a bunch of vines that were about the break. Zora hurried to grab the egg when the vines eventually snapped, luckily Zora caught it just before it hit the ground. He took it to the guild and tried to leave it with them, but the master declared Zora should be the one to hatch it since it was him that found the egg and saved its life. Zora was embarrassed about this and caused the entire guild laughing. So, he took care of the egg until it eventually hatched into a brave baby cat-like lion and named him Saber, he left Saber in the guild, but Saber wouldn't stop following him. He tried to get Saber to stop, but he still didn't want to. He eventually gave up, stopped trying and allowed Saber to follow him. 

Another two years, it was mentioned by some of his guild mates where it was rumored that he (for unknown reasons) battled with Fairy Tails strongest wizard Gildarts Clive and ended in a draw. Such rumors made everyone in the guild respected him even more. However, hearing this angered Atom greatly not wanting to be bested by someone who became a member of the guild after he was. One day he walked up to him and announced to him that Zora is his greatest rival, but Zora declined the announcement saying he's not interested in fighting, but Atom ignores that comment and attacks him anyway, the power of the punch was so powerful it could have hurt Zora badly if he didn't see it coming and stepped out of the way, he was forced to fight back to protect himself, however their conflict only led to destroying parts of the guild hall and even after an intense fight, it ended without a winner. That fight did not stop Atom much less slowed him down and he kept challenging him whenever he gets the chance and fought him too much that the constant fighting in the guild hall has caused a great amount of damage in fact, it was mentioned by some guild members that were having a conversation about Atom fighting Zora in an intense fight that almost destroyed the entire guild. The master eventually became annoyed that he yelled at them saying to take the battle to the outside arena and told Zora that if he was ever challenged by Atom unless he was doing something important he is to go outside and settle it whether he likes to or not.

Magic and Abilities


Zora's Diamond Magic

Diamond Magic: Zora's one and only magic. He is able to release Ethernano onto the surface of his skin and crystallize it into a turquoise color diamond and expand it by infusing more Eternano making it seem like diamond is coming out from his body and then he uses it for various purposes. His diamond appears as a thick layer, turquoise colored diamond with a clear, reflective surface capable of reflecting the sunlight. Zora is also able to manipulate any source of diamond material as well as his own magic making it bend, twist and turn against his will to suit his advantages. He has to infuse his magic into the ground to create diamond from the ground and expand it for a widespread area. The diamond he makes can be shaped and manipulated to his wishes and use them in various ways; allowing him to use it for offensive and defensive attacks. Any damage dealt to the diamond ultimately depends on the skill and the power of the attacker. Someone of a much weaker power level compared to Zora would have difficulty scratching it whereas someone of similar or more advanced skill would only find a stronger resistance that could be damaged through use of higher caliber attacks. The magic has complete immunity to Crash for it has no effect in break it whatsoever, however when used by someone with skill and power might have what it takes to scratch it. Zora is able to shatter his own spells with relative ease whenever he wishes to. Because of his past Zora chooses to not rely on his magic but more on his physical abilities
  • Diamond Skin: Zora can cover his entire skin with a thin, clear sheet of diamond. This spell is able to cover his entire body in an instant with no difference to him whatsoever and no one knowing how or when he was able to cover himself. Despite the diamond being so thin it is capable of protecting him against various attacks without breaking what so ever and any weapons used against him would only result in the weapons breaking apart upon impact. Like many defensive spells, the damage done to the skin ultimately depends on the skill and the power of the attacker. Someone of a much weaker power level compared to Zora would have much difficulty in scratching it whereas someone of similar or more advanced skill would only find a stronger resistance that could be damaged through use of higher caliber attacks. This spell requires little magic power to achieve. The only difference if he were to use this spell would be the shining reflection of the sun reflecting on the surface of the diamond. This spell along with his physical abilities is what makes him well known as the Angels Knight.
  • Diamond Crash:
  • Diamond Stalagmites:
  • Diamond Column:
  • Diamond Shard Blast:
  • Diamond Shatter:
    • Shatter Blast:
    • Diamond Shatter: Wild Diamond Cyclone:
  • Diamond Knuckle Crash:
  • Diamond Guardian Giata:
9.5 Zora&#039;s Monstrous Strength

Zora's Monstrous Strength

Monstrous Strength: As one of the strongest wizards in the continent, Zora has proven to possess a monstrous amount of physical strength. His strength is capable of causing devastating blows that can upend the earth causing massive destruction. The amount of force he uses in his attacks sends out massive shock waves that can be felt throughout the battle field, blowing away everyone around them with each attack. His monstrous strength also seeps into his combat to deliver devastating blows capable of breaking bones, rupture organs, or kill with a single strike against his enemies depending on how much effort he puts into it. With this level of strength Zora can easily take down beasts several times his own size with his bare hands without an effort at all. Zora prefers to rely more on his strength then his magic for various reasons. His overwhelming strength has made him well known throughout the land as a very famous and powerful wizard and is well known for causing mass destruction he leaves in his wake. The only known person who's overwhelming strength rivals his is Atom Longside.

Immense Durability: Zora has proven himself to be extremely durable. Capable of withstanding a barrage of various attacks all together and emerge unscathed. His durability is beyond impressive even without the assistance of his Diamond Skin for he can withstand a barrage of relentless attacks no matter how powerful they are and keep on fighting. He is even capable of blocking a powerful attack capable of causing mass destruction by lifting it as if it were a bolder. Zora often relies on his durability in battle when he needs to.

Immense Reflexes and Agility: Zora possesses extremely fast, agile, and sharp reflexes. He is well known for carefully evading almost every attack thrown at him by having him run, dodge and evade nearly every attack. His speed seeps into his reflexes allowing him to quickly notice and evade incoming attacks before it hits him and he is also able to simply avoid a barrage of punches thrown at him by moving his upper body around to avoid the punches no matter the speed of their punches. He is also capable of performing graceful, quick and easy counter attacks as he evades taking them out with both speed and grace all without getting so much as a scratch. His reflexes and agility are his prime abilities in most of his fights against a large number of opponents.

Immense Speed: Zora possesses blinding fast speed, allowing him to cover a large amount of distance in a blink of an eye. His blinding fast speed allows him to vanish almost instantly and deal several attacks to his opponents in a flash before they can even realize what happened. With his incredible speed Zora is able quickly evade nearly every attack thrown his way effortlessly as he vanishes out of site each time and deal a crushing blow to his opponent without them realizing until the blow has been dealt. He is able to move with a calm and relaxing manor that allows him to be in front of someone to behind before the person can realize he even moved and deal a blow in process.

Master Hand to Hand Combatant: Zora excels at using hand to hand combat in battle. Having resort to his combat more then his magic he

XXXXXXXXXX Since Zora relies more on his physical abilities than his magic he has become remarkable at close combat. His talent in combat are so powerful it was once said he defeated an entire guild of wizards including their master without ever being touched. He can quickly block every incoming attack and counters it instantly even someone like Atom Longside has a hard time trying to hit him despite his Matter Magic giving him a power boost and still be able to go blow for blow against him as he blocks every attack Atom throws at him and swiftly counters.XXXXXXXXXX

Enhance Eyesight: Zora possesses exceptionally keen eyesight that is far greater then any normal human. His Keen Eyes allows him to carefully observe every detail on his target and study them accordingly. He is able to carefully analyse their movements in battle, their magic abilities and how they use their magic in battle and memories them to the slightest detail. Even in a chaotic battle with all his running and evading Zora is still able to carefully observe his targets. With his exceptional eyesight Zora is able to keep track of an opponents extremely fast speed, allowing him to follow their every moment no matter how fast they are. His range of vision is more enhanced then normal allowing him to spot a person miles away beyond human vision as if he can see them up close.

Master Strategist: Zora has proven to be one of the greatest tactical strategist in battle the country has ever known. He is able to spot an enemy's weakness in their magic with his Enhanced Eyesight and can think of multiple strategies to use that weakness against the opponent all while running around evading attacks. After he carefully studies his opponents after watching them fight he uses that info when he fights them, He'll instantly know how to fight against the opponent and what combo to use all before the fight even begins. He is also able to quickly think of clever ways to beat an opponent from a long range with just his combat skills, not to mention he comes up with lighting quick strategies to end the battle quickly and get it over with. His tactical strategies impressed not only the Magic Council but the other Wizard Saints as well.

Keen Intellect: Zora is considered one of the greatest minds to have ever lived, he is a smart, cunning and resourceful individual. Even as a child he knew more about the magical world then most other wizards. He is able to think on his feet during every situation and knows how to adapt to any situation and his surroundings. He keeps himself well informed on just about everything in the world and knows full well on just about anything that happens. He has a perfect memory for he is able to know the full layout of his surrounding after witnessing it just briefly and has the ability to almost instantly learn battle techniques after seeing them only once. He is also highly observant, keeping his focus on his surrounding despite all distractions that are happening around him and keeps track on all the slightest flaws and unnatural occurrences using all four sense of the human and keeps himself on guard for the slightest trace of an enemy attack. He has learned to predict the actions of the Council and has studied their actions based on watching the Royal Knights movements,

Naruto y sasuke manga 650 by naruto999 by roker-d6qf2qc.png

Zora's Magic Aura

Monstrous Magic Power: As a member of the Ten Wizard Saints, one of the most powerful wizards in the continent, Zora possesses a terrifyingly monstrous amount of magic power at his disposal which he can release as a thick, potent aura around him and its force can be felt at great distances away. His sheer magic power can destroy the area around him and make it shake prominently making an entire fortress tremble and at the verge of collapsing. Most notably, a battle between him and a fellow Wizard Saint capable of causing extraordinary natural occurrences that can alter the surrounding environment in a wide radius. He is able to use his magic power to clash with another persons and if their magic powers are at equal enough can result in a large explosion. With his monstrous magic energy Zora is capable of casting multiple powerful and destructive spells to aid him in his battles.
  • Shock Wave: Zora can release magic energy from his body as a kind of shock wave blowing away anyone close to him in massive explosion of magic power causing a huge crater in the ground he stood on. The tremendous power of the Shock Waves releases depends on the amount of magic power he uses for it which can result in a devastating explosion. Although his true power of the Shock Wave has yet to be revealed the power he uses in this ability usual is strong enough to blow anyone close to him by a sudden force pushing them away. He once used this ability to counter one of Hino Sontara's in coming attacks and sent him flying to the other side of the guild hall after he made an attempt to punch him.

Master Sensor: Zora possesses great mastery in sensing and discerning the nature of Magic Power. He is greatly skilled in sensing and pinpointing magic power despite their distance and is able to sense their ; although he doesn't know the magic power of a person he doesn't know, he is however able to sense the evil in their magic.

Magical Power


  • Zora was originally a Diamond Dragon Slayer but after some thinking i've decided to give him regular Diamond Magic.
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